Team 6: The Power of Christ Exceeds Our Human Limitations

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Greetings from NET Team 6!

We are writing to you all from Baton Rouge, LA. Our first two weeks on the road have already provided great adventures for us. We traveled through seven states in seven days in our journey to the south. While we have kept busy with planning and hosting retreats, we managed to make some time for team bonding, including a trip to New Orleans.

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NET Missionary Photos

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Team 5 Alive!

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Team 5 Alive! That’s right, we are NET Team 5 and we are alive through Christ! On behalf of the whole team we welcome you to our blog and look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Our team is stationed at St. Peter’s Parish in Forest Lake, Minnesota, which is the third year this parish has had a parish team. We are excited and ready to serve. Though, to move further, introductions are in order, so let them commence! Read more

Team 14: A Heart Can Be Stolen

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Hello, everyone! This is NET Team 14 writing you from the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. and we would love to invite you into this look at our life as a NET team. We are a traveling retreat team that is currently roaming all over the east coast.

So as far as a team goes, we are pretty new to this, having only been a team for around five weeks. But there is nothing quite like living out of a van with 10 other people to turn you from a brand new team into something that is much more like a family.

Even in the first two weeks of training as a team we became much more than a team, but a group that is rooted in Christ. A week before we left for the road we had to say goodbye to one of our supervisors, Matthew. He said to us as he was leaving, “It’s crazy how in two weeks or so a heart can be stolen. But it has been.” Read more

Team 12: Bridge Builders

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“Glory be to God, whose power working in us can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.” Ephesians 2:20

Hello there! It is my pleasure to introduce Team 12 to you. We are eight men and women who are serving at Providence Academy (PA) in Plymouth, MN, for the duration of the 2014-15 NET year. For this first blog post, we would like to share some information and fun facts about each member of our team: Read more

Team 9: A Powerful Amount of Grace and Joy

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Failte, Bienvenidos, and Welcome to Team 9’s blog! We are currently in the Diocese of Lafayette, Indiana, having already done retreats in Minnesota and throughout Wisconsin in the few weeks we’ve been on the road. Our first week of ministry brought us 7 retreats in 7 days – as a team we met over 500 young people! It was truly trial by fire; but in our tiredness and weakness (after just one week) we experienced a powerful amount of grace and joy! God is moving among the young people of this country and it is an honor to witness His spirit working.

To fully introduce you to the team, we’ve all written a few sentences to let you know what we’ve been enjoying/what we’re looking forward to this year: Read more

Team 13: Building on Rock

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“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house upon the rock; and the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.” – Matthew 7: 24-25

Hey y’all! This is Team 13 coming to you from St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church in Plano, Texas. Our team has been in Plano for just under one month now, but we already are starting to feel like Texans. Host families taken us to “Texan places” like Whataburger and Taco Bueno, and we also won’t deny that our team has also started letting a few “y’all”s slip during team time and ministry.

Speaking of ministry, our team has been able to dive in at St. Mark’s since the first week we arrived. As a team, we help lead middle school and high school faith formation sessions, host hangout time in our youth house, have open ministry with youth in the parish, and basically just do anything we can to support our amazing youth minister, Megan. Read more

What (is) an Extraordinary Synod! 3 basic questions to know and share

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1. Synod is such a weird word. But it just means council, meeting, or assembly, right?

Basically. A synod is a meeting of bishops and other invited but relevant peeps. There are two synods planned or underway, one in 2014 and one in 2015, covering the topic of “The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization.” The purpose of the 2014 extraordinary synod and the 2015 regular synod is not to make any definitions, but to discuss and apply pastoral approaches to already existing problems. That means you won’t see any new announcements of doctrine. Read more

Team 2: Meet the Team

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Greetings from Team 2 in Wisconsin, home of cheese, the Green Bay Packers, and the National Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe! We’ve just arrived in the Diocese of La Crosse after serving in the wonderful Diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where we stayed on a farm, in trailers and cabins, and in some beautiful host homes.

Leading retreats has been a great opportunity for us to grow together as a team as we all learn how to utilize each other’s strengths through them. By doing this we’ve been able to have some great encounters with the young people that we’re ministering to. On overnight retreats our team has had the chance to build stronger relationships with the retreatants, enabling us to lead them closer to Christ. One of the girls from our first overnight retreat was impacted by the message of Jesus’ resurrection and God’s love so profoundly that a few days after her retreat, she traveled to where our team had moved on to just to deliver a thank you card saying that her life had been changed because of the deeper relationship with Christ that she had said yes to on her NET retreat! Read more

I Wish That I Could Be Like The Cool Kids, ‘Cause They Seem To Fit In

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For six and a half years, I worked in a library. Learning to work hard, efficiently, and quickly, I spent hours organizing books of all shapes and sizes, and shelving them in certain places based upon the personality sandwiched between the binding. The information contained inside gave value to the outside, determining its worth and place on the shelf. Each book had its place, and in this place it belonged.

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Team 10: Welcome NET Team

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Hello to all! How great it is to be able to communicate this upcoming year with you all. We are getting along great here in New Ulm, MN. All the students are very welcoming to us. Everyone has an open heart and is very willing to hear God’s word.

When we first got here, sisters from the Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus gave us took a tour of Cathedral High School, home of the greyhounds. The school is three stories tall and right next the the Cathedral. It was really heartwarming to see our NET room decorated with signs that said, “Welcome NET Team!” One of the signs read, “Willkommen 2 R skewl. Luv the Jrs.” They sure are funny. Our room also has two couches, a projector, a mini fridge, a microwave, a snack cabinet, and lots of other places for storage. We’re living the dream here! Read more

Team 8: Chill, Cuz J.I.L.

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Greetings from Team 8! We are writing from St. Hubert’s Catholic Church in Chanhassen, Minnesota. We arrived here on September 14th and were greeted by the parish priest and high school youth minister with enthusiasm and joy! In fact, everyone at this parish is so incredibly welcoming and excited for us to serve. At first this this excitement was slightly overwhelming but we quickly saw the beauty in this energy. The parishioners aren’t just excited for us to be here but they are excited for the work that God will be doing through us this year. They had our team picture posted in the church lobby weeks before we arrived and by the time we got there some parishioners had already memorized our names. Needless to say, we felt right at home very quickly.

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Team 7: Unexpected Blessings and Trials

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Greetings from NET Team 7, currently in the Diocese of Toledo in northern Ohio! It has been such a blessing to serve here in all of the different communities. We have met incredible people, heard amazing stories in host homes and on retreats, and had the honor of praising in some absolutely stunning churches. In just one week in Ohio we have given retreats in five different cities. There has been some sickness about, but everyone is doing their best to take their daily Vitamin C and power through. It has been a whirlwind of ministry as well as unexpected blessings and trials.

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Team 11: On the Road to Heaven

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“Team 11 on the road to Heaven!” is a motto we have fondly adopted as our own. Team 11 is a traveling retreat team for NET Ministries. The first half of our ministry year we will be traveling through Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Indiana. On our team we have 12 members: 6 men and 6 women. Each are incredible individuals on fire for Christ and their faith.

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Team 1: Stand in the Presence of Christ

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01_OCTBG“Preach the Word, be urgent in season and out of season, convince, rebuke, and exhort, be unfailing in patience and teaching…always be steady, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.”-2 Timothy 4:2,5 (RSV)

Its only been a little over a week since we as NET Team 1 have officially been on the road, but it has been one of the longest and most fruitful weeks we have experienced in our lives. After 5 weeks of training in West St. Paul, MN, we have been “pushed out” of the NET Center and into the world (although being on the home team means that we get to go back a couple of times a week). Being on the home team brings many blessings that not many teams have the opportunity to experience.

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