Team 1: 2 Months, 1,000’s of Miles, 25 retreats

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Team 12: Called To Greatness

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Hello again from the cold (I’m told it will get a lot worse before it gets better) state of Minnesota! Fun fact: Last winter, school was closed for several days because you couldn’t leave your house without being in danger of literally freezing. The Californian, Floridian, and British members of the team are living in fear… This is the Providence Academy team coming at you with another update.

Since our last blog post, much has occurred, including but not limited to attending a homecoming game and dance, accompanying a bus full of students to a Lifeline event, visiting a corn maze, and running several more retreats.

Retreats continue to be a powerful part of our ministry, as we are able to focus directly on the faith with a large number of students and pray with those who are open to it. However, the beauty of school team ministry is that we are also privileged enough to be able to have one-on-one encounters with particular students after school and on the weekends, usually at a coffee shop or café. Read more

Team 7: There Are “Good” Days & There Are “Hard” Days

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The “Good” Days 

There are “good” days, when the energy on a retreat is incredible, when we are warmly welcomed by retreatants who desire to grow in their faith, and catechists who desire to see a growth in the faith of their students.

Our team was blessed to have had three “good days” back to back. It was a fruitful time spent with a priest who referred to the students at the high school where he worked as his kids, host families who had a love of the faith and a desire to instill that same love in their children, and a retreat given at a high school where diversity was visible and yet the school was one big family. Read more

Girls Chase Boys Chase Girls

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Have you listened to the radio lately? Watched a movie or television show? When’s the last time you heard a song about love? Like two seconds ago? Or have you ever watched a movie that wasn’t even a romantic comedy, but of course, it had some sort of romance scene or side love story?

Or how about the gossip magazines, their front covers plastered with stories about who married who? Who cheated on who? Who’s dating who? Even our conversations with our friends are consumed with those same questions: who  likes who? Who’s your girlfriend, boyfriend, crush?

The point that I’m trying to get across is that our world LOVES love! We’re gripped by and infatuated with relationships and dating. Don’t get me wrong, the desire for love and to be loved is good and holy. The problem is: our world is chasing after the wrong kind of love. Read more

Team 13: “For I Know the Plans I Have For You…”

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For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

           Hello again from Team 13 in Plano, Texas! As the weather (finally!) begins to change, it has been fun to look back and see how much our team has changed and grown in the past two months that we have been together. We are getting to know each other better every day, and we are learning how best to serve one another and work together for the good of the ministry.  As a team, we are also learning more and more about working on God’s time and following His plan. Though our awesome team leaders make great schedules, sometimes God just lets us know (not very subtly I might add) that He has something better planned.

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Team 11: On The Road to Heaven

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Traveling in a 12 passenger van with 12 people has been crazy! The long van rides have allowed for team bonding moments, fruitful conversations, and the ability to truly appreciate each other for who we are, quirks and all! It seems like yesterday we were a group of ragtag people wondering how God would use all of our talents to work together all for His glory.

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Team 14: An Answer To Exhaustion

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Our team is dealing with two cases of bronchitis, one teammate was in the hospital for severe dehydration, and some of our other members are simply exhausted from adjusting to life on the road. Added to these misfortunes are the road demands that include late nights and zombie-slow early mornings, it’s apparent to the whole team that leaning on Christ and on each other for strength.

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5 Ways To Grow In Purity

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1. Rely On the intercession of Our Blessed Mother.

Mary is the perfect model of virtue. St. Louis de Montfort goes so far as to say that she had “truly divine purity, which never had and never will have its equal this side of heaven.” Above all else, she desires that we join her with the saints in Heaven forever. Imitate her virtue, and ask for her powerful help.

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Team 3: New Beginnings

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Greetings from Team 3! We have been on the road for awhile now adjusting to our life as missionaries, putting on hold our jobs and colleges, and saying goodbye to our families and friends to start a new beginning to say yes to God’s calling. This year will be full of new adventures, challenges, life changing experiences, and listening to God’s will as individuals and as a team. Our journey first started in Tipton, IN and Tinley, IL, and now the heart of this year in Cincinnati Ohio. A warm welcoming was given to us from the Archbishop who gave us blessing to give us the grace to inspire youth to embrace the life of the Church, and to also be living examples of what it means to live your faith every day. Read more

Team 10: Nothing to Complain About

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Salutations! We have been doing very well here in New Ulm, MN. We are busy with classes, DTS (dead theologian’s society), games, and retreats. There isn’t anything to complain about.

The students have been getting a lot out of the classes we help with and are showing us great feedback. Something that is really unique about teaching class is that we get to write our own talks. We have an outline each week of different point that we need to get at, but other than that we get to write a 10 minute talk each week. We also each get to give our personal testimony that goes along with the week’s theme. After the talk we perform a drama that also goes with the theme. The students really enjoy the dramas. After the drama we break into small groups. Each class is like an hour long retreat. It is really fun and such a privilege to share that hour of the school day with all the students. Read more

Team 2: Grace, Desire, & Energy

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We’ve now served in seven different states with an ever-growing number of young people reached. Every retreat seems to have a very different feel depending on whether we’re in a small town or big city, with middle or high schoolers, or on a large or small retreat, but one thing remains consistent: God always shows up!

Even if we’re tired from traveling or if the young people don’t really want to be there, God moves and gives us the desire, grace, and energy to lead the young people towards Christ. One of the ways that our team is blessed is through meeting a number of generous host families, committed parish contacts, and spirit-filled priests. Read more

How to Be Human

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How to Be Human

Do we has humans truly understand what it means to be human? Does the ability to walk, breath, eat, and talk really mean we are human, or is there a new cutting edge secret formula that hepls conceptualize our role in humanity? My experience four year ago provided an answer to these questions, a story that is shared bellow.

As I stepped onto the foreign soil of the seminary grounds I remember standing in awe as I observed the intimidating 200-foot bell tower. The intricate architectural curves of the stone and woodwork of the Pontifical College Josephinum only added to the grumbling stomach ache that I felt through my nervousness.

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Team 6: The Power of Christ Exceeds Our Human Limitations

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Greetings from NET Team 6!

We are writing to you all from Baton Rouge, LA. Our first two weeks on the road have already provided great adventures for us. We traveled through seven states in seven days in our journey to the south. While we have kept busy with planning and hosting retreats, we managed to make some time for team bonding, including a trip to New Orleans.

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NET Missionary Photos

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Team 5 Alive!

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Team 5 Alive! That’s right, we are NET Team 5 and we are alive through Christ! On behalf of the whole team we welcome you to our blog and look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Our team is stationed at St. Peter’s Parish in Forest Lake, Minnesota, which is the third year this parish has had a parish team. We are excited and ready to serve. Though, to move further, introductions are in order, so let them commence! Read more

Team 14: A Heart Can Be Stolen

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Hello, everyone! This is NET Team 14 writing you from the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. and we would love to invite you into this look at our life as a NET team. We are a traveling retreat team that is currently roaming all over the east coast.

So as far as a team goes, we are pretty new to this, having only been a team for around five weeks. But there is nothing quite like living out of a van with 10 other people to turn you from a brand new team into something that is much more like a family.

Even in the first two weeks of training as a team we became much more than a team, but a group that is rooted in Christ. A week before we left for the road we had to say goodbye to one of our supervisors, Matthew. He said to us as he was leaving, “It’s crazy how in two weeks or so a heart can be stolen. But it has been.” Read more

Team 12: Bridge Builders

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“Glory be to God, whose power working in us can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.” Ephesians 2:20

Hello there! It is my pleasure to introduce Team 12 to you. We are eight men and women who are serving at Providence Academy (PA) in Plymouth, MN, for the duration of the 2014-15 NET year. For this first blog post, we would like to share some information and fun facts about each member of our team: Read more

Team 9: A Powerful Amount of Grace and Joy

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Failte, Bienvenidos, and Welcome to Team 9’s blog! We are currently in the Diocese of Lafayette, Indiana, having already done retreats in Minnesota and throughout Wisconsin in the few weeks we’ve been on the road. Our first week of ministry brought us 7 retreats in 7 days – as a team we met over 500 young people! It was truly trial by fire; but in our tiredness and weakness (after just one week) we experienced a powerful amount of grace and joy! God is moving among the young people of this country and it is an honor to witness His spirit working.

To fully introduce you to the team, we’ve all written a few sentences to let you know what we’ve been enjoying/what we’re looking forward to this year: Read more

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