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Do you want to see the young Catholic Church ALIVE? Join NET Ministries and over 1,000 young people on the first Saturday of every month for Lifeline Mass. With contemporary music, energetic crowds, and powerful presentations, Lifeline (in its 20th year) is focused on giving 8-12th graders in the Minnesota area the chance to experience the beauty of Mass with their peers.

Lifeline consists of:
• Praise and worship
• Mass
• Speakers
• Concerts
• Break-out sessions
• Men’s and women’s sessions
• Eucharistic Adoration

Lifeline Programs take place at the NET Center at 110 Crusader Avenue West, West St. Paul, MN 55118. Doors open at 5:15pm and the event begins at 6:00pm. Most Lifeline events do not require tickets; however, select events do require tickets. Be sure to check below for the date(s) you plan on attending.
Lifeline is televised locally in Minnesota. Find your local listings here. (Channel 16 for most suburbs.)

Upcoming Lifeline Dates

NET Ministries Lifeline: Ryan O'Hara and Jenna Zins

Start your faith off right in this brand new year, and join Catholic young people from the Twin Cities and beyond for this outstanding night! Plan on an awesome night with dynamic music from SONAR and a spirit-filled celebration of Mass with Fr. Brian Park, Parochial Vicar at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Minneapolis. Breakouts for young men and women and the 2014-15 NET teams round out the night!

Breakouts include:

  • “Boys To Men” (for High School Men Only with Ryan O’Hara)No doubt you’ve seen a newborn baby in photos, TV, or as the new member of your own family…cute and adorable as can be. You would certainly think, “Oh, what a beautiful baby!” And, of course, you would be right. But what if you returned fifteen years later only to see that same baby looking exactly the same way as he did at childbirth? You would think, “What is wrong with that baby?”Well, what happens if boys don’t become men? What if they remain boys? What does it mean to be a man? What does our culture tell us? What are the marks of the authentic man? Come discover God’s radical call to manhood and lean into who God created you to be!Ryan O’Hara has been involved with youth and young adult ministry for many years. From Arizona to New Zealand, Ryan has spoken to thousands with passion, depth, and humor that both inspires and challenges. Ryan’s claim to fame is beating an NBA basketball player in a 3-point shooting contest. He now serves with Saint Paul’s Outreach (SPO), a national Catholic young adult ministry which evangelizes and forms Catholic college students in the faith.
  • “King of My Heart” (for High School Women Only with Jenna Zins)Every woman has desires to be protected, provided for, loved, and guided. These desires can only be fulfilled when we let Jesus be the protector, provider, lover, and guide. This talk will focus on how we can freely and joyfully make our hearts a throne for Christ the King, allowing his reign in our hearts to make us strong and joyful women.Jenna Zins is back by popular demand and is the Director of Evangelization at St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic Church in Gahanna, OH. A gifted speaker, Jenna captures the minds and hearts of young women with truth that changes lives. She served two years with NET Ministries and has devoted her professional and personal life to spreading the joy of the Gospel.

No tickets required.

NET Ministries Lifeline: Archbishop Nienstedt and Vocations
What will you do with your life? What are your plans? Have you ever thought of committing your existence totally to Christ? Do you think that there can be anything greater than to bring Jesus to people and people to Him? How can you know if you have a call from God?

In special sessions designed specifically for high women and men, you will discover several practical ways of discernment, which is nothing more than asking God what will make you happy.

Are you open to the possibility that maybe God does have a special life call for you?

With us will be Archbishop Nienstedt, Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis. He will be joined by Fr. Troy Przybilla from the Archdiocesan Vocations Office and a great team of priests, religious sisters, and religious brothers. A number of seminarians from Saint Paul Seminary and Saint John Vianney will also be with us.

No tickets required.

NET Ministries Lifeline: Fr. Mike Schmitz and Pornography

The statistics are out there, and they are overwhelming: pornography is virtually the single biggest industry in the United States. It destroys innumerable relationships, tramples hearts, enslaves minds, and demeans countless men and women. So why aren’t we talking about it more in the Church? More importantly, why aren’t we giving people the tools they need to break free from the influence of pornography?

Fr. Mike Schmitz from the Diocese of Duluth joins us for this night you don’t want to miss. With a zeal for the faith and gift of teaching, Fr. Mike will share solid truths that can empower and equip you with the truth that will set you free.

NOTE: Tickets are required. You must have a ticket for this event – even if you plan to attend the Mass only. Tickets will go on sale January 5.
TICKET PRICE – GYM: $6 per person
TICKET PRICE — St. Francis Hall: $4 per person*
(*St. Francis Hall will have closed-circuit TV screens only.)

NET Ministries Lifeline: Bishop Andrew Cozzens and the Holy Spirit

As Catholics we know so much about the Mass. We know the Mass is the source and summit of our faith and is the center of the Church’s life. We know of the Lord’s command on the eve of His passion: “Do this in remembrance of me.” We know (or we’re told) that we are supposed to go to Mass every Sunday.

But as Catholics, we are so unaware of the mystery and the privilege, that we can hardly wait to get out of Church. And all too often we hear (or perhaps even ask ourselves), “Why is Mass SO boring?”

Do you experience the power, wonder, and mystery of Mass?

Bishop Andrew Cozzens, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, is our special guest tonight. He has spoken to countless youth and young adults with the message that transforms lives. His words and witness can transform yours…if you’re ready. Our evening includes Eucharistic Adoration.

No tickets required.

NET Ministries Lifeline

A dove. Wind. Fire. These are images are familiar when we think about the Holy Spirit. And while these are all appropriate symbols, they don’t fully communicate the power that is available to us through the Person of The Holy Spirit. But how can we move beyond images, experience our own “Personal Pentecost,” and have the gifts of the Holy Spirit stirred up within our hearts for a life transformed?

With us this month is Fr. Michael Becker. Following Mass is popular youth and conference speaker Gina Bauer. In a style all her own using humor, personal stories, and the truth of our Catholic faith, Gina has spoken to thousands of Catholic young people throughout the country as well as here in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. She is the Director of Youth Ministry at the Church of St. Joseph in West St. Paul, MN. Our evening includes Eucharistic Adoration.

No tickets required.