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Since 1981, NET teams have led over 32,000 retreats and ministered to more than 2 million young people.

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At this very moment, another 175 missionaries are preparing to join a NET team and spend the next year conducting evangelistic retreats for youth desperately in need of young faith-filled role models. They are willing to go. Will you help send them?

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When He Catches Your Gaze

This gospel passage I read recently hit me, y’all. Which I guess is a good sign, all things considered. Scripture should affect me. If I’m being honest though, I have three possible reactions when I read the Gospels. One: feel uber loved, cherished, and at peace. Two:...

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Missionary Blog | Team 9

Happy March from Team 9! We finally left the frozen tundra of the Midwest and made our way out to the East Coast. We have been in New Jersey for a little over a week, and we will spend our time doing retreats here until Easter. Our team has been loving the state and...

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Missionary Blog | Team 13

Team 13 is striving and thriving here in Plano, TX. We cannot express how blessed we are with the love from the staff, the youth, the families; the list goes on and on! We are saddened knowing we only have a couple months left here, but are learning to not dwell on...

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