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Challenging Young Catholics to Love Christ and Embrace the Life of the Church
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Join 180 of your peers in sharing the gospel message with over 90,000 young people across the United States.

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Since 1981, NET teams have led over 32,000 retreats and ministered to more than 1.8 million young people.

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Support a NET missionary or see how you can help NET Ministries continue to grow.

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At this very moment, another 180 missionaries are preparing to join a NET team and spend the next year conducting evangelistic retreats for youth desperately in need of young faith-filled role models. They are willing to go. Will you help send them?


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Friends of NET: Thank you for your partnership in reaching Catholic youth with the Gospel message. We know of your devotion to embrace and raise up the Church, now maybe more than ever, to spread the Good News and keep youth engaged. Recent studies indicate fewer than...

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2017-18 Missionary Fall Routes

Team 1 - St. Paul & Minneapolis Home Team  St. Paul & Minneapolis, MN September 23 - December 15 Team 2 - Traveling Retreat Team  Diocese Toledo, OH:  September 24 - October 24 Diocese Pittsburgh, PA:  October 24 -November 2 Diocese Wheeling-Charleston, WV:  November...

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Fighting Mediocrity

As an athlete, I know what it feels like to be in shape. But I also know all too well what it feels like to be out of shape. And usually that middle ground happens faster than I like it to. I don’t just sit around thinking of ways to get out of shape. I become passive...

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