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Missionary Interview Retreats

ATTN: Applicants under 18: Due to Safe Environment regulations, you must attend an Interview Retreat at a Virtus approved location. These locations are denoted by an asterisk (*). If you choose to attend a non-Virtus approved location, you will be responsible for providing your own housing.


March 9-10: Seattle, WA
March 16-17:  Benedictine College, KS *
March 16-17:  Charlotte, NC
March 16-17:  Cincinnati, OH

April 6-7: Phoenix, AZ
April 6-7: Steubenville, OH
April 13-14: Greeley, CO
April 13-14: New Orleans, LA
April 20-21: Santa Clarita, CA

April 20-21: Houston, TX
May 4-5: Saint Paul, MN *
June 1-2: Dallas, TX
June 8-9: Saint Paul, MN *
June 8-9: Turlock, CA

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