Perspectives from NET Missionaries laboring in the love of Jesus

Michael McGarrity

NET Missionary

Michael McGarrity of San Antonio, Texas; Team 14


About the discernment process
When I was going through my college applications, something didn’t seem quite right to me about all of it. Not that it was bad, but it just didn’t seem like it was going to satisfy me. So, I sent in an application to NET.


Fast forward a year after serving with NET Ministries one year and contemplating Year 2.


I was doing my prayer one morning (late Feb, early March). God said, “Michael, you’re going to hear me really clearly today.”  I love that; makes it easier to do His will! “Michael, I want you to do a second year.” It’s been really beautiful for me answering that call. It is so much better than I anticipated and expected. I’m so excited!


Why you serve
Because I’ve met Jesus. It’s amazing how He changes your life once you actually choose to encounter Him. Because it is a choice.


I’ve had a lot of difficult days on NET, but I don’t think I’ve truly had an unhappy day in like a year now. Because every day I get Jesus in it.


No matter where you come from in life, you’re always going to be facing some kind of difficulty … and those things don’t go away, but what I’ve experienced is getting to build my relationship with Christ, and getting to know him more as a personal being who loves me beyond my capacity to know.


It’s the comfort and safety I find in that, I know in that, and experience in that, that’s so incredible. I can’t not share that with people. I can’t not want them [to know]. That growth for me is so relieving. I know so many people that don’t have that relief. It’s literally the best thing for you — to give your life to Christ.


About missionary work
So often our job isn’t to see success, it’s to be faithful.


But there are those beautiful successes. One instance, spoken from a young person, “I don’t have any faith whatsoever.” By the end of the retreat he had started to do the sign of the cross and was actually praying. Another instance was receiving a page long note and it said, “You helped to transform my life tonight because I met Christ.”

MaryEllen McCarthy

NET Missionary

MaryEllen McCarthy of Marshall, MI; Team 10



Why you serve
I serve because I know people who I want to be affected by the Gospel, people who are not necessarily Catholic and people within my church who haven’t experienced the love of God. Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed to go on retreats and that’s definitely where I felt God’s love the most. I’m passionate about retreats and the power they have.


Why NET?

I wanted to be surrounded by people who would build me up, and I knew I would find that here [while serving with NET]. I have been so grateful for how they’ve perfected the system of NET. I think a lot of it has to do with the age of it; it’s been around for a while. I feel very provided for and all my needs are met.


I’m getting out of my comfort zone in a lot of ways and growing in confidence in my abilities the Lord has given me. I never really took notes in high school, but here, I can’t write fast enough. I just love all the information I’m getting. I love team life. Everyone does their part.


Regarding our need to engage Catholics and the future of our Church
I think it is a big deal – my generation, especially. The statistics on depression, anxiety, and suicide have gone crazy. People are trying all these different things to take away the pain. A lot of them haven’t encountered Jesus, and he’s the only thing that’s going to bring them peace. I’ve seen radical conversions on the spot at retreats through the presence of the Holy Spirit. I guess that’s why I’m here. I want to do my part to share how they can have happy, holy lives.

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