NET Ministries Training Information

NET Ministries has led youth ministry training for over 2,300 young adults from around the world. The NET team members and other youth worker guests who attend NET training return to their communities equipped to make a great impact with youth in years to come.

Those accepted to NET will be brought to a deeper understanding of their faith and given practical skills to effectively communicate that faith to others. In an environment that includes daily Mass, Reconciliation, weekly Benediction, reflection on the lives of the saints, individual and corporate prayer, and small group discussion, they will also learn retreat skills that will enable them to minister to hundreds of young people.

NET team members receive training in the following areas: loving God and loving others, the content of the Gospel message, leadership and team building skills, and retreat ministry. They follow a busy schedule that includes daily Mass and prayer, opportunities to meet individually with a priest, staff-led sharing groups, and recreation.

Of course, they’ll also get a chance to play ultimate Frisbee, dangle their feet off the lakeside dock, sing their hearts out, and get to know 100+ other young Catholics who are excited about their faith.

After some time in training, the staff will pray and meet to assemble teams. Team members have the possibility of being placed on either a Traveling Team or Parish/School Team.

The five weeks of training culminate with commissioning each team for their year of service with NET.