Retreat Themes

Retreat Themes

Choose from retreats that last from five hours to the entire weekend. NET conducts junior high, senior high, Confirmation, and mixed-age retreats. We provide a variety of retreat themes, dramatic skits, and lively songs, making every retreat a unique experience. While the theme varies, the basic message is always the same: “In Jesus Christ, the son of God made man, who died and rose from the dead, salvation is offered to all, as a gift of God’s grace and mercy.” (Evangelization in the Modern World, Pope Paul VI) NET retreats are a great component to integrate into your existing Catholic youth ministry program or to use as a youth group night. They also work well for parishes and schools without a youth ministry program.

Choose Your Own Adventure *

God has given each of us an inner longing to pursue the great adventure of faith, pointing us toward our ultimate end in Him. This theme explains God’s desire to fulfill our heart’s longings, and describes the free will He gives us to choose or reject Him. Through an interactive demonstration, youth see how sin leaves us lost and how Christ is calling us to the path of His great adventure.

Life to the Full

What do you want? What in your life do you wait for? This retreat explores the deep and universal desire in our hearts for a life centered on a relationship with God. It also explores the dissatisfaction we experience when we place the things of this world before our relationship with Him.

You Will Receive Power

We already received the Holy Spirit at baptism. Why do we need more? This retreat explores the sacrament of Confirmation by exploring its relationship to the powerful experience of Pentecost. The youth will be invited to explore the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they equip us for daily life.

Reality Check

In the world today, there are many outside influences that can affect the lives of young people. Most of what we see in the media presents a false reality – truth and happiness are distorted. This theme takes a look at how the world influences the way we live our lives, and how God presents us with a new, life-giving reality.

Why Catholic?

This theme explores the beauty and richness of the Catholic Church. As we are all members of the Body of Christ, it is important for youth to understand the uniqueness of that identity. This theme is intended to further young people’s relationship with God and make Him a daily part of their lives.

Strength and Beauty

This retreat focuses on our unique call as God’s sons and daughters. Since young men and women have different struggles and needs, a portion of this retreat is divided, tailoring specific talks for each gender. In this age where society has blurred the line of our identities, this is a great way for the youth to understand the significance of their unique calling.

Weekend Retreats

We also have weekend retreats available. Inquire about these with our scheduling department.


Anchored In Hope (Available for fall 2014-2015 only)

Why, more than 2,000 years later, is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ still relevant in and applicable to our lives today? Because just as Jesus carried his cross to Calvary and suffered to the point of death, we as young men and women in the world follow in the same sense: we carry crosses throughout our lives and, in some instances, feel as if we endure suffering to the point of giving up on faith entirely, “how can any good come from this?”, we might ask ourselves. This, contrary to what might seem to be the end, is in fact just the beginning. Throughout the Gospel we see how Jesus’ actions during his ministry on earth, including his death, point us toward one virtue in particular: hope. Jesus’ example of excruciating suffering and glorious rising allows us to know for certain that there is more than just a cross to carry, but a resurrection to hope for as well.We have a decision to make in the matter of our lives: do we continue to see our circumstances with scaled eyes, only noticing our struggle and the crosses that weigh us down? Or do we indeed see with eyes of faith and rest assured that the present will come to pass as we hope in the glory of the resurrection?

*Discontinued Themes for 2014-2015

Choose your Own adventure will no longer be available for the 2014-2015 Retreat Year.