What is a Parish Team?

For years parishes and NET have pondered the question, “What would happen if a NET team stayed in a parish for an entire school year?”

In response to this question NET launched a Parish Team program in 2005. The program provides a parish with 6-8 young adults who have gone through NET’s five week training program. These young men and women come prepared to engage the youth in the local community in a relationship with Jesus Christ through evangelization and discipleship.

It is not NET’s purpose to replace or substitute and active youth ministry program in a parish, but rather, to augment and enliven youth ministry programs that are executed by parish staff and volunteers.

How It Works

Currently, a typical commitment from a parish is three years (this can be negotiable). Each year, the parish will receive a team of 6-8 trained young adults that will serve from the middle of September to May.


Year 1: Focus on evangelization first and discipleship second.
  • The team will reach out to the youth of the parish community in order to introduce them to Christ;
  • There will be a particular focus on engaging those youth who are marginally involved or inactive all together;
  • As the team works to draw teens into the Church community, they will look for those youth who are faithful, invested, and teachable. The team will then work to provide discipleship opportunities for these young people.


Year 2: More purposefully focus on discipleship while still focusing on evangelization.
  • Discipleship training opportunities will be provided for those youth that are ready to go deeper;
  • Evangelizing to inactive youth will continue;
  • The Parish Team will also work closely with the youth minister to help identify and train those youth and adults that may be able to be part of a CORE ministry team;


Year 3: A mix of evangelization, discipleship and training as the Parish NET Team prepares to hand their ministry over to the parish.
  • The team will continue to look for opportunities to evangelize and disciple the youth of the local community;
  • They will assist the Youth Minister with the training of a CORE ministry team;
  • The team will provide opportunities for CORE volunteers to evangelize and disciple right alongside the NET team members;
  • In this way, the work of the Parish Team will continue even after the team exits a community.


Important Dates

  • January 1: NET will stop accepting Parish Team Applications for the upcoming school year
  • November – February: NET will visit prospective parishes
  • March: NET will contact parishes regarding decisions for the following year
  • Mid-September – Mid-May: NET Parish Teams will serve in parish


Host Family Information

Parish Team Application 

General Information Packet

For years parishes and NET have pondered the question, “What would happen if a NET team stayed in a parish for an entire school year?”

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