NET Parish Teams

Building disciples in your parish community.

How it Works

How it Works

A NET Parish Team uses relationship building to look beyond the traditional form of large group, program and event based youth ministry to help a parish build a community of disciples that have a lasting relationship with Christ.

A commitment from a parish is typically three years. Each year, the parish will receive a team of 6-8 trained young adults that will serve from the middle of September to May. These young adults will work closely with the parish pastor, youth minister and staff to reach out to the youth of the parish community. Everything the team does is connected back to the youth minister so that the work of the team continues after NET departs a community.

Before each year begins, a member of NET’s staff will sit down with the parish pastor and members of the youth ministry staff to create a Youth Outreach plan that will focus on how to best engage and disciple the youth of the parish community. This plan will be tailored specifically for each parish to make sure the NET team members have a balance of opportunities to both build relationships with inactive youth and to disciple those youth who are faithful, invested and teachable to become evangelists to their friends and families.

In an average year

A parish could expect that a NET Parish Team would interact with 2,000-5,000 young people. Conduct over 300 1-on-1’s with over 100 different youth at the parish. Launch up to 8 discipleship groups. Stay with 40-50 different host families. * Exact numbers will depend on the size of the parish and the surrounding community


The NET Parish Teams have made a lasting impact on our youth and community. The team’s witness of an authentic life as Disciples of Christ have not only taught the youth more about the Catholic faith, but have introduced them to Jesus Himself.

What is a Parish Team?

For years parishes and NET have pondered the question, “What would happen if a NET team stayed in a parish for an entire school year?”

In response to this question NET launched a Parish Team program in 2005. The program provides a parish with 6-8 young adults who have gone through NET’s five week training program. These young men and women come prepared to engage the youth in the local community in a relationship with Jesus Christ through evangelization and discipleship.

It is not NET’s purpose to replace or substitute and active youth ministry program in a parish, but rather, to augment and enliven youth ministry programs that are executed by parish staff and volunteers.

Important Dates

  • January 1: NET will stop accepting Parish Team Applications for the upcoming school year
  • November – February: NET will visit prospective parishes
  • March: NET will contact parishes regarding decisions for the following year
  • Mid-September – Mid-May: NET Parish Teams will serve in parish


Host Family Information

Parish Team Application 

Current Parish Team Locations

Minnesota . Texas . Florida

St. Hubert Catholic Community

Providence Academy

Team 11

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

Team 14

St. Mark the Evangelist

Team 13

Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church

Team 16

St. Anastasia Catholic Church

Team 15

General Information Packet

For years parishes and NET have pondered the question, “What would happen if a NET team stayed in a parish for an entire school year?”
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