Hello from Team 9! We started serving with NET, as Team 9, September 24th and had our first retreat the following day in the Diocese of Toledo, OH. Since then we have put on 36 retreats and ministered to countless individuals all within the dioceses of Toledo, OH and Detroit, MI. Our retreats have ranged from the size of 5 retreatants to 113 retreatants, each of which proved to be very rewarding for the retreatants and for us as a team.

No matter the situation, God proves to be our strength. He is the one providing us with enough joy and energy to minister to those we encounter.

The most powerful time during a retreat is prayer ministry. This is a time where the youth really get to speak to God and allow for God to speak to them. Also, at this time the small group leaders do a silent blessing for each of the youth in their small group interceding for the prayers of the youth. When retreatants share their NET experiences it is at this time where a lot of them encounter God. One retreatant said that at the moment their small group leader started praying for them, they were filled with such peace, and hope, something they had never felt before. Another said they were filled with such immense joy that they started to cry.

These are just two accounts of God’s presence making known to the youth by us allowing God to work through us.

We have come to the realization of how difficult it is knowing that we cannot see what the youth will do after the retreat is over.

“Did we really make a difference?”

is a thought that sometimes rolls through our minds as the youth quickly run off back to their life after a retreat is finished.

We are told that all we are here to do is just plant the seed. It is difficult still to see the difference we are making, but through prayer and continued trust in God, we know He will take care of the rest.

Working together as a team of twelve requires a lot of patience, obedience, and trust. We must rely on each other to be there in our work and in our struggles; we also must be that support for one another. We are truly united together in prayer and are reminded to be persistent in our ministry as well as remember that God is always there even though we may doubt. God will never leave us or give up on us.

-NET Team 9



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