Hey Guys! What’s up? Greetings from Team 6!

We are the California regional team, and today, I want you to meet our team and hear some stories from our time on the road and how God has been at work through the ministry!

There are twelve of us. Five men and seven women. There’s the brotherhood: Eric, Matthew, Richard, Simon, and T.J. Then, there’s the the sisterhood: Anna, Crystal, Doty, Emily, Jessica, Nancy, and me (Mary). Yes, I know, there are a lot of us, but somehow, though we are all from different backgrounds, states, etc… God brought us together for a common purpose. And that is to spread His Word to the youth of our country. It has been almost six weeks since we left NET training, and we’ve done about twenty-one retreats. The twelve of us together, have driven a couple thousand miles and stayed with dozens of host families along the way. As for ministry itself, each NET retreat is different in its own way.

I don’t quite remember how long ago this happening took place (time is a blur, these days), but during one of the retreats, some of the young people in one of the small groups had expressed that they didn’t believe in God. They explained they had a lot of doubts and were talking about the fact that most of their friends were atheists. It was a rough small group, but, God has a way of moving. When the time came for the second small group after the main talk, there was a shift in the room. What was discussed, was not about how much life sucks, but about one of the men on our team who gave his talk and testimony on how God was at work in his life, and how He has a plan for each one of us. They had never experienced someone who was open about their faith and wasn’t afraid to speak of what he truly believed. “He spoke with passion, like he really believed in what he was talking about…” was some of what was said.

Another time, one of the women on my team was having a rough day because her small group was a hard one. Though she felt like things weren’t going anywhere, she persevered and stuck with them. During prayer ministry, she had the chance to pray with them. She told me after the retreat was over that she wished she could’ve gotten through to them or dived deeper, but, like I said before, God has a way of moving. When I collected the surveys at the end of the retreat, I noticed one of them was from a member of her group. “This retreat was really cool. I feel a closer connection with God, and I just want to thank (small group leader) for listening to me! She really cares!” We don’t always feel as if things are going the right way, but we have to remember that our mission is to show God to others by our actions and how we love the people around us. We are instruments of God’s love and it is through Him that all things are possible. He is at work even if we don’t always see the results.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:12)

In Christ,
– Team 6

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