Hello, and welcome from NET Team 5! We are very excited to see the Lord’s work through each of us and in the young people that we will encounter.

Just a little bit about our team, we are a group of eager, energetic and optimistic young people. Our team is the youngest out of all of the 16 teams, we range from the youngest being 18, and our oldest being 21.


We are all looking forward to spread God’s love throughout the upper Midwest this fall.

We started our route in the beautiful Bismarck, ND diocese, then traveled to the Crookston, MN diocese and then traveled to the Marquette, MI diocese, the Winona, MN diocese, and the Dubuque, IA diocese, Springfield, MO diocese, and Dodge City, KS. It has been a very busy time which has allowed our team to bond very closely, but it has also been a very exhausting time, but the Lord is constantly providing us with strength and energy daily.

We are each truly realizing the importance of being rooted in daily prayer, fully trusting in each other and growing in docility to the Holy Spirit.

“And my message and my proclamation were not with persuasive words of wisdom, but with a demonstration of spirit and power, so that your faith might rest not on human wisdom, but on the power of God.” 1 Cor 2: 4-5

We are constantly reminded that the power of the work that we do does not come from us, but solely from God, and although we aren’t always able to see the fruit of our ministry, the Lord constantly brings people to us that encourage us to keep continuing our work no matter how hard or how rewarding it may or may not feel sometimes. At a retreat in Spalding, Michigan from the beginning it was very evident that these youth were open to change, receptive of the information and truly excited to be there.

“The NET retreat made me realize who Jesus is, and that he is really here. It showed me that even though my mom left me at a young age, Jesus will not. I’m going to stop pushing God away, and live my life through Him.” Miranda, 16, Spalding, MI

As a team, we have been impacted by each and every single person we have encountered either in small ways or big ways, and we are eager to continue sharing the gospel to thousands more people.

Thank you all so much for the ways you have supported us either through your prayers or donations. Please continue to pray for our team, our ministry and the people that we will encounter throughout the rest of our year.

May God bless you!

NET Team 5

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