Hello from Southern California! It’s Team 5!

Since the last time I had wrote, so much has happened. We just had our Easter break. It was an amazing break, much needed! Since then, we have jumped right back into ministry and have done a couple of retreats for high School youth. It’s been a huge blessing to see the transformation in the retreatants faith in just a short period of time! Sadly, this year is winding down and is close to coming to the end. God has been preparing our hearts for the end of this year.

I get asked multiple times by retreatants, “What’s the best part of being on NET?” and so many times I laugh because our team finds ourselves in the most embarrassing or funniest situations! One time in particular, two of our teammates, Blake and Alice, were planning a team day together. They didn’t tell us where we were going or what we were doing, they just put the address in the team phone and drove. We arrived at some random park that had nothing but dead grass and dirt. They gave us the instructions to stand in some sort of circle. I’m sure you can imagine the weird look on our faces as we looked at each other like, “what have we gotten ourselves into?” As they began to start, their instructions for us were to act like a chicken… Till this day, I’m still unsure what the reason behind that was! But as we continued to embarrass ourselves, all these people started to show up to the park and immediately began to stare at us. But that didn’t stop everyone. I’m pretty sure some of those people left because they thought we were crazy people! But I guess that’s team 5 for you!

Although God has blessed us with so much humor placed into this team, he has also blessed us with growth. Not only spiritual growth but the growth to be confident enough to do this ministry with all that we have and all that the Lord has given us. Here is one encounter that Mikey has witnessed:

“Being a Team Leader with only 4 other brothers means most of the time when we have a small group, we also are leading the retreat. Throughout this one retreat, my small group had been rough, especially with one particular youth who just did not want to participate. This really came to a head during one part of the retreat, which we call affirmation small group. This small group requires the youth to step out of their comfort zone, and say something good that they see within each one of their small group members, which included the one youth. As we went around taking turns, we continued to go through this youth’s sheets of affirmation, which would mostly say, “I don’t know you like that” for the group members. Then it came time to affirm me, and for this one affirmation from him he actually participated and affirmed me. Someone he had only known for maybe two days. I really felt God show me his light through this small moment.”

NET life gives us so many opportunities to grow close to the youth that we encounter but to also see how close they grow to us without even realizing it! It is a true blessing. I ask that you keep us all in your prayers as we keep each and every one of you in ours! Take care and God Bless!

~Team 5

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