Well Christmas break is over and we’re back again in the sunshine state! Actually as I’m writing this I get the pleasure of sitting on the beach which is about a 20 minute walk from the parish, wow God is good.

Since we’ve been back things have been busy, picking up our ministry right where we left off. We are continuing to evangelize within our different ministries (youth group, young adult nights, faith formation, high school FCA’s ) while also trying to grow the relationships we’ve already started. And all of this while trying to develop a deeper unity with our teammates and Christ.

We’ve been asked many times if it’s been hard adjusting back after having a 2 week break. At times maybe, but also we didn’t have a break from being Christians which, in a nutshell, is what NET has taught us – that these things we’re doing on NET are not something to do this year “on mission,” but to continue for the rest of our lives.


“Tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among all the peoples. ” 1 Chronicles 16:24


So with that understanding, and being a Discipleship Team, it may be a bit easier for us to settle back into our routine. Speaking of routine… maybe you’ve found yourself wondering what your week might look like if you were a NETter in Naples, Florida. Maybe you haven’t but hopefully you are now because I’m going to tell you!

Mondays for us are either our team day or no ob day. Team day is when we get to just spend the day with our team – building our relationships with one another while being able to relax and have fun together doing whatever activity the team leaders decide for us. Some of our team days have included the beach, mini golf, movie day, sports, board games, murder mystery etc. A no ob day is when we have no obligations, we all like to spend our no ob days doing different things… such as shopping, sleeping in, going to the library, beach, or park. Both no ob and team days are followed by a host home night which is when we get to enjoy spending the evening with our host family having dinner and getting to know one another.

Tuesdays are our team role days each member on the team has a different role: finances, vehicle upkeep, promotion etc.

We also go to a Catholic school after school and bring games and activities for them to enjoy in the courtyard while they wait for their sports practices or to get picked up from school. Then, that night, we have our young adult ministry called HeBrews at a local brewery where we have a social and bible study (on the book of Hebrews).

Wednesdays we have some time for scripture memorization and ministry prep. We also have drama practice most Wednesdays to prepare for future events where we might perform a NET faith-based drama. We have different faith formation classes (middle school and high school) and then high school youth group all together that night.

Thursdays we split up and go to different high school lunches for FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, where we get to just sit in with the youth and play games, have discussion questions, or listen to a guest speaker. Thursday nights are also a host home night.

Fridays we do more school lunches and then have separate men’s and women’s sessions where we get to spend time in our sisterhoods and brotherhoods on the team and check in. Then in the evening we have OM time which stands for “open ministry” which is an opportunity for us to hang out with the youth one on one outside of our ministries and just be a friend who is pointing them to the ultimate friend, Christ.

Saturdays are another opportunity for OM and then we go to the Saturday night Mass.

Sundays are filled with all the Masses and faith formation, confirmation and middle school youth group. That’s a “quick” rundown of our week!

We also do Team prayer everyday which is usually a reflection with some praise and worship together as a team.

Recently we decided to start doing a NET night once a month on youth group nights just to change it up. After lots of prayer and preparation, our first one seemed to be a success! A team member gave a talk about being/living fully alive and we played a GBA (gospel based activity) called Culture vs. Faith which just put into perspective how well we know the culture and sadly how little we know about our faith. Then we had time for small groups and prayer ministry. Afterwards I was talking with a youth and I asked her how she liked the night and she said “It was so good, you gave us things to think about and then you gave us time to think about them.” We are excited to continue to see God work through these nights… And to see what else he will do the rest of this semester!


“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 1:6


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