Greetings and welcome to the blog of NET Team 15!

We are very excited to share with you our exciting journey here in Fort Pierce, Florida! 

First, here’s a little bit about our team:
62.5% of our team is Texan, the other 37.5% are from Georgia, Minnesota & Illinois. 100% are dedicated coffee drinkers and are extremely ecstatic about our mission with NET this year!

We are a second year parish team stationed at St. Anastasia Catholic Church and San Juan Diego mission church. The youth that we minister to are from both of those parish communities, the St. Anastasia Catholic school, and John Carroll Catholic high school next door!

The youth and the community as a whole here have been so welcoming to each of us! The love and generosity that they have shown us just in a little over a month of us being here has been such a blessing.

We have been busy working hard to get adjusted to all the events we have here at the parish!

Our events that we have been putting on weekly are growing into a great success! Some of the events we have are: Open NET room, which is an opportunity for us to hang out with the Middle and High school students and begin to start relationships with the youth. Another weekly event we have is called “Arise.” It is an hour of praise and worship that is open to all youth and families! Monthly, we have men’s & women’s sessions to have an opportunity to go deeper into brotherhood and sisterhood and how to live this out. The other times throughout the week we attend school lunches at the middle & high school, and we also arrange to meet with youth one on one or in smaller groups to get to know them on a more personal level.

Our team has also put on 3 retreats for the 9th grade confirmation class, the St. Anastasia 8th grade class, and all the middle school students from St. Anastasia & San Juan Diego! These retreats have been eye opening for the youth to be able to see and learn more about who we are individually and as a team. It is a true blessing that we have, as a parish team, to provide for them an encounter with Jesus at the retreats and then walk with them in this faith journey after, either individually or with the small groups that we have at the retreat.

With all of these amazing opportunities we have to meet and grow with a lot of youth, it can become a little overwhelming, but in this, we have to learn dependence upon God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in which youth he wants us to know and allow him to teach us how to have these unique relationships that are going to lead to greater conversions this year.

We are looking forward to sharing with you our lives within this ministry here in Fort Pierce, FL.

Please pray for us that we may only have a deeper trust in God working in our hearts and within the youth of this community!

Thank you and may God bless you!
– Team 15
Emma, Jose, Erin, Matthew, Peter, Therese, Carolina & Cesar

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