Hello from Team 14!

Host home ministry is a powerful way that we reach out to families here at St. Francis of Assisi parish. Because we stay with each family for two weeks at a time, we are blessed to enter into each family’s life in an authentic way. We have stayed with families of 8, 2, empty nesters and elderly couples. It is amazing to see how God connects us with each family and gives us the opportunity to share our faith with them.

Each prayer is unique, shows us a new piece of the global Church, and leads us closer to Jesus.

Sometimes our host homes remind us of our own homes. One family’s three-year-old son brought Maggie so much joy every time he asked her to play with him (which happened to be every night). The two pretended they were planes and trains and cars, going throughout the house fighting crime and saving our families. Maggie showed him games that she plays with her own three-year-old brother and when she Facetimed her own family, they agreed that the two boys would get along famously if they ever had the chance to meet.

Now, we see that family each week; they have become part of our lives here. The whole team looks forward to the possibility of sitting with them at mass or seeing the two high school age siblings at NET events. It is a joy singing with the family at open team prayer on Saturday mornings.

Night prayer with families has been a learning experience for everyone involved. Some families already have a scheduled night prayer and they welcome us into their time of sharing. In other homes, we have been the ones to initiate night prayer. By the end of our stays, this time of prayer becomes a regular part of everyone’s schedule. We love experiencing each person’s different prayer style. Some families consecrate themselves to Mary, while others share what they are thankful for that day. Each prayer is unique, shows us a new piece of the global Church, and leads us closer to Jesus.

We are so thankful for the selfless generosity that each host home has bestowed upon us. Team 14 has always had a loving place to call home each night, and for that we are grateful. Praise Jesus for placing so many faithful, beautiful families in Grapevine.

Team 14

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