Striving to Serve the Lord through the Little Things.

“Remember that nothing is small in the eyes of God. Do all that you do with love.” – St. Therese

Hello! My name is Mary Theresa Pitre, I’m 19 years old from P.E.I. Canada, and I would like to introduce you to Team 14. We are a really diverse group of people, coming from all over the world and ranging from 18 to 28 years old with pretty much every different personality you could imagine. Team Leaders are John Lysaght, age 28, and Mary Katherine Deschamp, age 24. The rest of the sisterhood is composed of Victoria Rivera, 22, from Alisyn Hoeschen, 21, Caitlan Thompson, age 18,  Elise Kerr, age 19, Gemma Haire, age 19, and myself. The rest of the brotherhood is Shayne Winter, 18, Matt Schmid, 18, Michael McGarrity, 19, and Joseph Dibiase, age 19. We are so blessed to have each other for this year of ministry.

It has been about 45 days on the road so far. We’ve put on 33 retreats, in 6 different states. Currently we are in the diocese of Winona, Minnesota, experiencing the first taste of the cold weather this year. Reflecting on the past month, it feels more like a year has passed. We have seen so many retreatants, experienced so many different things, seen so many different cities and towns, and most importantly the Lord has worked incredible things through and within our team. We have been blessed to have so many fun experiences like spending the day on a farm in Iowa, picking kale, broccoli, and tomatoes, going to the Omaha zoo, staying in a beautiful cabin on a lake in Wisconsin and so much more. We have also been blessed to see so many powerful things, like how the Lord works through our retreats to touch the hearts of so many retreatants, how lives have been changed and saved through His love. One retreatant shared with our team about his experience on our retreat by saying “I discovered my gifts are there for a reason and I need to use them to praise my Lord! It is important to have a relationship with God, and they helped me establish one.” Praise God!

Although God has allowed us to see many powerful things, I feel strongly that He has been showing our team how He works in the small things too. St. Therese of Lisieux says “Remember that nothing is small in the eyes of God. Do all that you do with love.” This concept is so essential to life on a NET Team. Anything from hooking up the trailer, to taking someone else’s suitcase, to writing someone an affirming note, or choosing to love a teammate even when it is hard, to having a conversation with the gas station employee, to going out of one’s way to reach out to a retreatant, I can see how God is truly showing us how He wants to work through us in the little ways to spread His love. Time and time again I am reminded that even if we show up to a new parish and the retreat schedule is perfect and all of our music and dramas go smoothly, and everything is done on time, what really matters is how we love God and how we love the retreatants and volunteers and teachers through the little ways. Hopefully through our humble service and love they will experience a glimpse of God’s unimaginable love for them.  

Please pray for us as we continue our ministry, and pray that we may continue to strive to love through the little things.

Team 14

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