We enter in – we have been called into the fullness filling all in all.” –Ed Conlin

Since we, Team 13, have been called to Plano, TX, we’ve been blessed to enter into all facets of parish team life. We’ve entered into the parish community of St. Mark the Evangelist. With a parish of approximately 11,000 families, we were slightly intimidated at first. We attended 10 Masses one weekend to introduce ourselves to the community and we quickly learned our fears were unfounded: the parishioners have been nothing but welcoming.

We are slowly meeting more members of the community, from the staff to the regular daily Mass attendees to the families we meet at Sunday Mass. As we build relationships we begin to feel more at home and a part of the community of St. Mark’s. The team has also entered into the youth ministry program here at St. Mark’s in many ways.

Every Sunday and Wednesday we lead small groups for the 400 students preparing for confirmation. Seeing the same youth every week has allowed us to witness the way they are slowly but steadily opening their ears to the Lord’s Word and their hearts to His love.

On Sunday evenings we help with the parish’s Youth Group Revel 12 and FIAT. This youth group is another place we get to see growth in the numbers attending but more importantly in the hearts of everyone present.

Entering into team life has been one of the greatest joys of our first months in Plano. Getting to know the gifts, talents, triumphs and trials of every team member is a beautiful testament to the Lord’s mercy and generosity. A theme we have been focusing on in team prayer, personal prayer and ministry is learning how to love Jesus and those around us with a selfless and generous love.

We can’t wait to see the ways the Lord calls us to share His fullness and love with every person we encounter this year.

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