Team 13 is back at it for the 2nd semester in Plano, Texas. We are rejuvenated and are so pumped about this new year. Being a parish team is such a blessing and a unique experience. We want y’all to learn more about what our lives our like here in Plano so we are going to go through a normal day on our parish team, so enjoy reading: a day in the life of Francie Zanotelli.


She wakes up around… early in the morning. She gets ready; brushes her teeth, combs her hair, puts on her converse, and makes her breakfast and dinner. She then prays to start off her day with Jesus and bring her focus to Him. Then, she grabs the keys to Paco the Tahoe or Patty the Avalon. She rides to St. Mark’s Church with her really cool teammates. The whole team meets up at daily mass to participate in the greatest miracle, the Eucharist. We “receive Communion not only for ourselves, but in order to have immense grace, but for Jesus, in order to respond to His desire to come down into us, to give Him the joy of descending into our hearts which is heaven for Him” – Fr. D’Elbee (I Believe in Love). Then, we race (while staying under the speed limit) in Paco and Patty to the Parish Center across the street. She arrives and grabs her Bible and Bluebook for team prayer. She quickly refills her water bottle, because she is serious about hydration. Then, she enters into team prayer dancing and singing for the Lord, giving her all during the team praise and worship session. She then embraces her inner Sharpay and Ryan Evans by doing vocal preparation for drama practice. She practices her dramas to prepare for the upcoming confirmation retreats. After all the hard work she takes a breather by going outside to get more steps for her fitbit.


Then, the team gathers for a ministry prayer to pray for all the St. Mark students and asks the Lord to work through us as we head to St. Mark’s middle school lunch. She grabs her lunch tray and heads down to immerse herself with a table of middle schoolers. She laughs, talks, and enjoys her time with the youth she encounters at lunch. Then, she is summoned to center stage. She skips on stage as she begins to act in the “Statue in the Park” AME. The audience roars with applause, but the applause must come to a stop because it is now time to leave the middle schoolers and head back to the parish center. She gets more steps by walking back and quickly dives into her team roles as recorder, hostess, and supplies manager. As team roles is ending she grabs a snack, maybe some nutella, fruit snacks, or a banana. Then, Matthew, our parish contact person joins our team with a meeting to talk about our ministry and gives us amazing advice and insight about the faith. If time allows, the team and Matthew play an intense round of Werewolf, where she slyly frames others and wins the game as a werewolf. Once the meeting is over she is back at it again preparing, organizing, contacting, and praying during ministry prep time. Then, open ministry begins and she goes out and encounters youth, host families, small groups, DT (discipleship) groups, friends, and brings the joy of the Lord to them with her smile and love.


As open ministry time comes to a close, her stomach reminds her by a grumble to eat her dinner. She eats dinner with her teammates sharing jokes, stories, love, and laughter. Then, she hops on over to the church with her teammate Maggie to help run RCIA. There she gets to know the youth, helps lead activities, and shares about the faith to those seeking a relationship with the Lord. Once the families have gone home she finishes her 10,000 steps when arriving back to the Parish center for the team meeting. The team meets and shares the roses (good) and the thorns (bad) of their day. Then, she hops in Patty, seeing AnnMarie grab the aux cord to play the one and only Jesse McCartney song, Leavin’, but not before we start in a Patty(Car) Prayer. She arrives back at her host home listening to the adventures of her host family’s day and learning so many different cool and fun things. She gathers together with the sisterhood to pray the Memorare and gets ready to catch some z’s. And that is a day in the life of Francie Zanotelli.

God bless,

Team 13

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