Team 13 wants to give you a warm hello from the great state of Texas! We are at St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church in Plano, TX as a parish team for the fourth and final year! We have been so blessed with this welcoming and loving community. The staff here is so kind and joyful and they all have a true servant’s heart. Also, the team has stayed with 11 different host families and have been overwhelmed with their care, kindness, and delicious texan food. As a team, we have reached out to almost 1,000 youth from our Confirmation classes, Open Youth House (a time for the youth to hang out and play games), school lunches, to adoration nights, youth group, sports events, and more!

Through our ministry, we have learned to solely rely on God and that our identity is in nothing else but He who created us. And through us learning and living that out, we are understanding His love more and more.

“But God shows His love for us that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” – Romans 5:8

Although we are all sinners, the love of Christ prevails and His mercy constantly pours out from His suffering on the cross for us! His love and mercy constantly dwell in us through our ministry and give us life and strength every day here in Plano.

Life in Plano has been an amazing adventure! We have our cars Paco the Tahoe and Patty the Avalon who have allowed us to discover all of Plano. From taking us to the pumpkin patch, to the youth house to watch Jimmy Neutron and play just dance, to Henry’s homemade ice cream, to making banana pancakes; we have already made countless memories that we’ll cherish forever. Along with these memories the team is growing more in our faith together. Every team prayer is so beautiful, filled with the Holy Spirit, and loud with praise. We are learning so much about the faith from each other while also learning about each other’s lives.

We are so blessed to be graced with this mission to serve here in Plano for this year!

God bless,
Team 13

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