“The future is in your hearts and in your hands. God is entrusting to you the task, at once difficult and uplifting, in working with him in the building of the civilization of love.” – St. John Paul II


Greetings from Team 11! We are back in the full swing of things at Providence Academy in Plymouth, MN and we were all excited to return for the second semester! Reflecting on our ministry last semester in preparation to return this semester, we’ve been able to see the fruit of our ministry, the grace God provides in the trials, the power of prayer, and the gift it is to have a team. Our ministry with the students has blossomed since we’ve returned, and they are such a joy to see every day!

Our lives have radically changed this year, from what our morning routine looks like, to how we worship, and how we have learned to seek to love at all times. Our team has described this year as “beautifully exhausting,” and “amazingly challenging.” A team member shared: “My sister served on NET two years ago and told me before I left for training that NET will be the best and hardest year of my life. I believed her but I didn’t understand until I experienced the exhaustion, the joy, the love, the authentic worship of God, and the incredible strength of God in the midst of our weakness.” In conclusion, we truly believe, there’s nothing like NET!

Our day to day life looks like getting to the school before school starts to talk with the students, and check in on how they’re doing. During the day we attend theology classes, lunches, lead small groups, and prepare for events and activities. After school ends we have a larger time period for ministry. Our main focus is one on one ministry, meaning that we engage in deeper, more intentional conversations revolving around discipleship. We usually end our evening by either attending sporting events or school plays, leading ministry events, or spending time with our host families. Our schedules are full of activities and full of joy!

After leading a small group at a local coffee shop one day, one of the female team members was planning for an event and had her bible out. A lady then sat down with her and started talking about faith. She shared about her family’s faith and how they have been looking for a new church that doesn’t compromise on the truth. The team member shared that she was a Catholic missionary and their conversation went on for a bit before they had to leave. We don’t know if she and her husband will ever look into Catholicism, but the seed was planted. Whenever we walk away from an encounter like that it’s so easy to rejoice at the gift it is to be a missionary this year and it inspires us to share our faith even when we aren’t at school or with our host families. To be missionaries at all times, that is what Christ asks of us.

Pray for us that we may generously give our all, and know of our prayers for each and every one of you!

God bless,

James, Alayna, Theresa, Tyler, Lynsey, Jeremy, Kaylee, and Mark

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