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Since our last blog post, we were blessed with a Christmas break to recharge and celebrate our savior’s birth with our families. We also got to do some more training in St. Paul which was really good for all of us. We’ve been back on the road for about three weeks now and have already had some pretty memorable experiences.

First of all, we have a new teammate! Our brother Alex went home and our newest brother TJ joined us… the day before we came back on the road! Secondly, health hasn’t exactly been our strong suit lately, two of us got food poisoning which meant we were down to a team of 8 for a few days, and Daniel has recently been diagnosed with pneumonia and is staying with a host family for a week to recoup.

This morning we were on the road at 5:45. I was “navving” (the NET word for navigating which means I was sitting in the passenger seat and had to stay awake to give directions and play music. As I watched the world wake up, I was filled with a gratitude that is all too unfamiliar to me. Gratitude for life. Gratitude for this life, with the countless highs and lows, big and small that occur every day. Gratitude for the beautiful people and experiences God thoughtfully fills each life with. I’m amazed and humbled by His faithfulness. He never fails to bring joy and beauty out of EVERY situation.

Having TJ with us has brought so much joy to our team. His willingness to do whatever the Lord asked of him has inspired all of us to be better, more selfless servants of the Lord. TJ has added a lot to our ministry, and there have already been so many retreatants on our route who have seen the light and love of Christ through him. Seeing this play out has been a really great lesson in how Jesus might have some pretty unexpected changes in mind for us, but even these plans are absolutely perfect, wholly beautiful, and full of joy.

Our ministry has been going really well. We’ve put on 70 retreats in total! During a recent retreat, when we announced that confession was available, three quarters of the retreatants got up to have their sins washed clean. We were all really moved. It was so beautiful to see so many 8th graders eager to reconcile with Jesus.

Our schedule is SO full, but our hearts are as well. We’re still thriving, still working hard and still falling more in love with Jesus. Thank you for reading this and caring about team ten. God bless!

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