• Team members serve from mid-August through mid-May each year. The exact dates vary by year. Team members who are invited to attend music training are asked to arrive 10 days earlier than the other team members.
  • Itineraries are assigned to each team. On average, a Retreat Team serves in 7 to 9 dioceses across the country, while Discipleship Teams remain and serve in one parish or school each for the entire NET year.
  • NET asks each team member to raise $5,000-$6,000 in partnership funds. Most team members have no difficulty doing so. If you are not able to raise your partnership prior to the start of training, NET will work with you for fundraising options. The partnership each team member raises is about 1/3 of what it costs NET to keep a team member on the road for a year. The rest of NET’s funding comes from retreat fees and organizational fundraising.

Each Retreat Team is given a 12-14 passenger van and a trailer for the year. Team members mostly stay with host families, moving from host home to host home daily. Team members will always stay in a host home with at least one other same gender team member.

Each Discipleship Team will have the opportunity to stay with host families for a few weeks at a time, as opposed to moving to a new host home every day as traveling teams do. Again, team members will always stay in a host home with at least one other same gender team member.

NET can provide team members with medical insurance if they so choose. However, pre-existing conditions are excluded.
NET does not give loan deferments. However, we can provide a letter to send to your lender asking your bank to give you a deferment due to your year of service work. NET team members are not eligible for Americorp grants because the work they do is religious in nature and is ineligible for federal aid.
A typical NET retreat consists of ice breakers, large group presentations, small groups, skits, dramas, personal sharing, and an opportunity for retreatants to respond in prayer to the message of God’s love.
It was there that I realized that NET was about having an intimate, bold relationship with Christ. The prayer at the retreat weekend really helped me lock in my decision to do NET. I was in awe of the real, human encounters, that we could have with Jesus. NET showed me that through prayer and relationships with other people during the interview retreat weekend. Phil Grygleski

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