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 2019 THEME | BE STIRRED INTO FLAME (2 Tim. 1:6) 

 St. Paul, MN  | Cincinnati, OH | Austin, TX

If you are ready to ignite your Catholic faith, personally experience the power and presence of our great God, and discover the mission and purpose for which you are created, then D-Week is for you!

D-Week will inspire, equip, and challenge you to live the life you are created for … that dynamic, Spirit-filled Catholic life as a young apostle. Be prepared for your faith to come alive and set ablaze through encounters with Jesus in Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, and Reconciliation. A faith-filled, energized team of NET team members, along with other outstanding leaders, musicians, and speakers lead D-Week. This amazing team will lead dynamic sessions which include worship, relevant talks, free time, small group time, fun activities, and so much more. D-Week is purposely designed for a limited number of participants so that you can easily meet new people, get your questions answered, and deepen your faith.

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