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Students preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation often struggle with peer pressure, busy schedules, and life’s many demands. They may find it difficult or unimportant to set aside time for their faith amongst sports, homework, and friends.

However, youth ministers and DREs find that their Confirmation candidates connect well with the NET team members because their own youthful experience allows them to be heard and understood by the teens. Sometimes, young people respond best to a new voice. NET retreats can provide a wonderful opportunity to hear the Gospel presented in a language that young people can understand. They will see the witness of the team members, who come from all across the country, as they share their Catholic faith.

Confirmation Teacher, Illinois:

“I don’t want to call them the future of the Church. They’re the now of the Church. I’m so encouraged by them.”

Parent, Wisconsin:

“They related to the students, at their level, and they lived their faith. It was strong, contagious, and even ‘cool’. This was so beautiful!”

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