Team 3: The Satisfaction of Seeing the Fruits of our Labor

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Hello fellow Team 3 followers! Praise the Lord for He has been so good to us. We have finished up our last diocese of Stockton, California and have spent the last week in the diocese of El Paso, Texas.

It was such a blessing to be in Stockton, California because we got to go to two of our teammates’ hometowns where we met Jessica Jordan’s parents and David Sandler’s family. We first were at David’s home where we all ate dinner with his good family friends. They shared great stories about David as a kid and we all laughed together. We also had the pleasure of serving at David’s Parish, Saint Anne’s, which was really cool because we got to encounter his beautiful parish community who were very loving. It was very life-giving to be there. While we were there for our team day we went to San Francisco where we got to see the crazy life of the city while walking down the Golden Gate Bridge and Pier 39. After great retreats at Saint Stanislaus in Modesto and Presentation in Stockton, we ended the diocese in Turlock where we served a 10 hour retreat at Jessica Jordan’s parish, Our Lady of Assumption. It was awesome to be there because we got to put faces to all the stories that Jessica tells as well as meet people that she loves and who love her. For our team day we got to attend ARMEE (which stands for Adoration, Reconciliation, Mass, Eucharist, and Evangelization) where there is Eucharistic adoration and worship everyday Monday night at Our Lady of Assumption. Every ARMEE session starts off with a talk which Jessica gave while we were there. She talked about her beautiful experience with NET Ministries and the conversion that has happened in her life from it. It was a gift to be there. It was a blessing to be at both of our teammates’ parishes and it was pleasure to meet their families and to love people whom our teammates love.

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Team 3’s Easter

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April 3-16

He Has Brought Us to New Life! Happy Easter! Alleluia! Alleluia! He is risen!

We have been experiencing many glorious things throughout these past few weeks. We finished up our retreats in Baldwin Park, La Puente, Tujundra, and we even stayed with the Carmelite Sisters in LA and spent Holy Week in Rancho Cucamonga.

Before the excitement of Holy Week and we shared great times with NET alumni in Baldwin Park as we did retreats there, and as a team we stayed with the beautiful Carmelite Sisters while we did retreats for the local Catholic schools for three days. On a team day, some of us went to Six Flags and we also went ice skating. Our retreats are still so fruitful and awesome; some of the “Share Your NET Experience” forms that I collect blow me away as young people share about how they were affected by our testimonies, talks, small group discussion, our example and the way we love each other as a team, or when they truly feel God’s presence in prayer. Some even share how their time on retreat was so powerful that it inspires them to pray MORE or to be nicer to their parents or to just BE GOOD because they know that is what God wants and that is what will give them peace. These things are very encouraging for us as a team to keep persevering, yet we have been getting very tired. We went on an Oasis Retreat given by Maegan Frazier in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and it was really refreshing. It was nice to reflect on what the Lord has been doing in our lives, and to be able to just be still and see the conversion that has changed us. Through deep discussion and rest, it truly brought our team closer together. After that day we still had about a week and a half more of retreats left before our days off during the Triduum and we were still tired.

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Team 3: Mercy and Sacrifice

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Hello! This is a blog from life on the road from March 20th – April 2nd. I hope you enjoy!

God is doing great things here in Los Angeles. We have gone to many places: Venice, Pacoima, Northridge, Sierra Madre, Tujunda, Whittier, and Baldwin Park.

Our supervisors, Chris and Anna, came out to visit us recently. We were in Venice where we had some long retreats and it was really nice that they were there because they could observe how we are doing as a team and how well we minister on retreat. It was cool to have them give constructive criticism yet really affirm us on our hard work. Of course during this time of the year all of us individually are getting weary and tired from many things – ministry, traveling, investing, and getting little sleep. From this tiredness I think it is easy for us to take out our frustrations on the people who love us or who are around us (our teammates). It is not like we struggle a lot in team life, but we are human and have weaknesses. It is really beautiful to have our supervisors visit and inspire us to grow and cling to the Lord.

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Team 3: You are Loved

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Life on the road from March 5th – March 19th

This semester has been very busy for us but I hope you enjoy the large amount of updating information about NET Team 3!

Our team is still enjoying California and has finished serving the Diocese of Orange, traveled through San Diego and is now serving the Diocese of Los Angeles in Pasadena and Downey! We have been working hard and the retreats have been challenging but so beautiful.

In San Diego we went to a Catholic School, St. Michael’s in Poway. It was such a joy to put on a retreat for the middle school students there because they were very rambunctious, yet very fun. We then went to Pasadena in LA where we served two retreats at St. Andrew’s. This parish had a wonderful Hispanic community who were so amazing and loving. We were challenged to relate with the young people on retreat because of some culture differences, but it was cool to see our team grow in that part of our ministry.

That next week we then went to Downey in LA where we served three retreats at St. Mathias Catholic High School, an all-girl school. These retreats were really different because there were only lady retreatants, so talks, dramas and even mingling with them had to be adjusted. It brought a different environment with no young men around except for the men on our team. It was a very beautiful challenge because the men on our team learned a little bit more on how to relate with young women. By the men on our team caring for the young women in a holy way, that was such a great message for the ladies to be reminded that there are good men out there and that they do deserve to be loved in a respectful and honoring way. We had the opportunity to do a drama called “Pieces,” which is a Women’s Session drama that really speaks to a woman’s heart. It ends with Jesus changing the lies that the main character believes to truth by turning over signs that show “MY PRECIOUS DAUGHTER, YOU ARE LOVED!” It was beautiful to watch some of those girls realize how loved they are and finally be open to that love. Through all of this, it was a great reminder how many people don’t know the truth of how they are loved by God. It is incredible to see how people are truly changed by love when they realize how loved they are.

In team life everything has been going well and has only gotten better. We are truly becoming a very close family. There has been a lot of honoring going on with us and it has been so life giving. March 7th was International Women Appreciation Day and our Female Team Leader, Anney Brandt, honored all the women on the team that day. She enjoyed the surprised looks on their faces when they found out that they were doing a women’s praise and worship session instead of team prayer. During that time Anney led them straight to Jesus’ heart by giving them time to be loved by Him through worship, being prayed over, two yellow roses, a scripture verse and a formal sisterhood prayer, all done together. It was extremely healing and put all of the sister’s hearts at rest because they were confident in knowing that they were loved by God and by Anney.

The sisterhood later honored the brotherhood by surprising them with an awesome obstacle course which included obstacles that were related to the manly virtues that they had been praying with all semester. Each station was a little comical as well; they had to do things like help an “old lady” (Nichole) cross the street, beat a piñata, and even got foam swords and proceeded to “battle” each other by stabbing each other with them. The obstacle course ended with them going to a chapel where the sisters gave them a little medal for being amazing warriors for them and for God. After that was an awesome prayer time where the sisters related the brothers to Saint Joseph because he led Mary and Jesus, and the brothers are helping lead the sisters to Heaven. The sisters told the brothers to take a peaceful time of prayer and allow God to tell them that He is proud of them, and they prayed over them. It was amazing!

So even though retreats may be challenging – through different age groups, different culture or different gender, and even though team life may be challenging – disagreements, tiredness or not easily relating to one another…no matter what age or circumstance we all need love. By all of this love, from being honored by our brothers and sisters or by us coming and making a difference in someone else’s community, through this genuine Christ-like love, it truly unifies us as the body of Christ and inspires us to be the best version of ourselves. What amazing things can happen when you love, are changed by love, and by knowing Love Himself. Praise the Lord!

Keep praying for us as we assure you we are praying for you! YOU ARE LOVED! Thank you for everything!
-Team 3

Our Lady of Guadalupe…PRAY FOR US!

Team 3: Being Driven by the Spirit

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We have finally made it to California, where the weather is warm and IN-N-OUT is delicious! We have finished serving in Las Vegas, and we went out of Nevada with a bang by doing a great retreat in Ely, NV! We are currently in Diocese of Orange, California and it has been so beautiful, from the Pacific Ocean to the palm trees to seeing God changing the lives of young people.

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Team 3: The Light of Christ Shines BRIGHTER than the Lights of Vegas!

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Hello again Team 3 followers and readers!

We have been all over this past month, from Arizona to Las Vegas. There is a part at the very end of each retreat that we do called “prayer ministry.” This is the best part of the retreat – it’s the time where we step back from all the talking and put the retreatants in a nice prayerful setting and that’s where the LORD does all of the talking! During this time there is a playlist of prayerful songs that we always play. There is one song that sticks out called “The Fragrance Prayer.” The words are so beautiful!

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Team 3: Saing “YES!” Again

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So much has happened in our lives in the past month! We finished up last semester with great success – we had ministered to about 2,700 young people! We then went back to our homes in different parts of the country for a two week Christmas break. We all had such a great time over break. It was very nice for to get some rest, reunite with friends and family, and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. We all missed each other during break and it was awesome to come together in January at the NET Center, where we had a week of training. During training we were able to hear rejuvenating talks about God’s will and how we should be giving “our ALL” into this ministry, but also how to grow deeper into our own relationship with the Lord so that we may live our lives more fully for Him. Training was fun; it was nice to be able to hear about how everyone’s break went, and we also got to go snow tubing (which was a blast!). But I think in all of our hearts we couldn’t wait to get back in the van where we could all be together again!

So it is good to be back out on the road doing ministry across the nation! We are currently in diocese of Oklahoma City, OK! Being more towards the southern part of the country has been a great experience, from everyone saying, “Y’ALL” to being able to purchase Blue Bell ice cream. The people here have been so sweet and the young people that we have been doing retreats for have been so receptive and willing to start a relationship with God! It has been such a joy to get back in the rhythm of things by doing retreats, meeting new people and seeing new places nearly every day. We even had our first team day of the semester at the Oklahoma City Zoo and it was so much fun for our team! It has been great to see our team grow closer together, as we have experienced so much together!

One of the most amazing things that we have experienced so far on NET is our calling, not just as Netters but also as Christians, to constantly to say “yes” to love and to serve the Lord! There have been times on NET where I think that we feel as though we have no other option but to love, but in reality the Lord has given us the gift of free will. So, if we really did not want to do something we could say “no.” My teammates have been some of the most amazing testaments of faith because they have given God their “yes” to serve Him through NET for a whole second semester! But what makes this particular “yes” so inspiring is that we all know the challenges of life on NET. We have experienced the exhaustion, the challenges being away from home, the late nights and then early mornings, and just the constant giving of ourselves to the Lord and to others. And yet with that full knowledge of the battle they are about to face, they still had the courage to say “yes” to serve the Lord because they know that He is worth the cost! And through all of this what we have discovered that it is in those moments when we say “yes” to the Lord and follow Him according to His will and not our own, that is when we receive the pleasures of His grace, His love and the fullness of His joy! How amazing is our God that by knowing God and experiencing His love and goodness that it would inspire people to want nothing but to give back to Him, no matter the struggle.

But even though we have faith and trust in the Lord, the challenges that we face on the road are still, well… challenging, and we can’t do it without prayer so please keep praying for us! We will keep praying for you as well!

Team 3

Team 3: Lives Are Being Changed

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Hello NET Team 3 Blog followers! Sorry that our blog is a bit late, but we still want to share with you about the amazing things that we have experienced while on the road from November 8th to the 22nd, because it has been such an adventure!

Life has been wonderful in the state of Minnesota! We have traveled to the towns of Bryon, Adrian, Waseca, Plainview, Lanesboro, Rochester, and Owatonna; MN, where we have done some pretty great retreats. Not only have our retreats been awesome, but our team experienced our first snow together, our supervisors came out to visit us, we found out our route for the spring semester, and we have had so much fun together as a team from dressing up in crazy monster costumes to an epic game of dodge ball!

Retreats truly have been life changing – not just for retreatants but also for us. We have been doing a lot of “You Will Receive Power” themed retreats lately which has been so cool. This retreat theme is for teens who are preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. A lot of the young people that we have on these retreats usually don’t want to be there or are forced to be there by a parent or guardian, so needless to say they are not very open to talk about their “feelings.” This is very challenging, but our team cares so much about each retreatant that we are all willing to fight for them with love and speak truth to them as much as we can in the hope that they may leave inspired. We try to be as real with them as possible, so that they may realize that God has so much to offer. We even use the analogy that the Lord’s love and power is being given to them like a waterfall and their hands may be under the waterfall, but if their hands are not open then they are missing out on receiving such precious gifts, especially through Confirmation! We have experienced lives being changed through this, but even our lives are changed, because through those challenging retreats we realize how real this ministry is and how powerful our God is! “If our God is for us, then who could be against us…”

Our supervisors also came down to visit us. This was such a blessing because we got to work on our team’s brotherhood and sisterhood. It was really cool to see how blessed we are yet what we need to work on to not just be friends but be truly brothers and sisters through unconditional love and with hearts of warriors! But we also got to go through the most extravagant team building exercise! We had to go through this obstacle course, finding clues to figure out how to get to our destination while having members on team being “blind”, “mute” or with “broken legs or broken shoulders”, or with a combination of them all! It was challenging but so much fun. While our supervisors were here they also showed us our route for next semester which is Oklahoma City, OK; Tucson, AZ; Las Vegas, NV; Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Stockton, CA; and El Paso, TX. We feel so blessed and so excited to explore the West Coast! Please keep us in your prayers and we prepare our hearts for Christmas and for next semester yet that our minds may always be in the present moment!

In Him, Through Her,

NET Team 3

Spring Semester Routes

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Team 1

  • Jan 10-May 6: St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN

Team 2

  • Jan 11-24: Gaylord, MI
  • Jan 24-Feb 28: Milwaukee, WI
  • Feb 28-Mar 20: Jefferson City, MO
  • Mar 20-26: Memphis, TN
  • Mar 26-Apr 1: Savannah, GA
  • Apr 15-26: New Orleans, LA
  • Apr 27-May 1: Venice, FL

Team 3

  • Jan 11-24: Oklahoma City, OK
  • Jan 25-Feb 7: Tucson, AZ
  • Feb 7-21: Las Vegas, NV
  • Feb 21-Mar 6: Orange, CA
  • Mar 6-9: San Diego, CA
  • Mar 9-Apr 12: Los Angeles, CA
  • Apr 12-24: Stockton, CA
  • Apr 26-May 4: El Paso, TX

Team 4

  • Jan 11-26: Erie, PA
  • Jan 26-Feb 13: Richmond, VA
  • Feb 13-17: Allentown, PA
  • Feb 17-Mar 12: Paterson, NJ
  • Mar 13-20: Providence, RI
  • Mar 20-29: Camden, NJ
  • Mar 29-Apr 5: Metuchen, NJ
  • Apr 13-17: Newark, NJ
  • Apr 18-19: Washington, D.C.
  • Apr 19-26: Baltimore, MD
  • Apr 27-May 6: Dubuque, IA

Team 5

  • Jan 10-24: Davenport, IA
  • Jan 26-30: Charlotte, NC
  • Feb 3-21: Wichita, KS
  • Feb 21-23: Dodge City, KS
  • Feb 24-Mar 6: Lafayette, LA
  • Mar 6-20: Atlanta, GA
  • Mar 20-29: Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL
  • Mar 29-Apr 2: Military, GA
  • Apr 12-24: St. Petersburg, FL
  • Apr 24-May 3: Atlanta, GA

Team 6

  • Jan 10-24: Kansas City, KS
  • Jan 25-27: Colorado Springs, CO
  • Jan 28-30: Pueblo, CO
  • Jan 30-Feb 10: Denver, CO
  • Feb 10-14: Grand Island, NE
  • Feb 18-27: Portland, OR
  • Feb 27-Mar 6: Santa Rosa, CA
  • Mar 6-20: Sacramento, CA
  • Mar 21-Apr 3: Seattle, WA
  • Apr 14-24: Reno, NV
  • Apr 26-May 1: Santa Rosa, CA

Team 7

  • Jan 12-Feb 2: Galveston-Houston, TX
  • Feb 2-14: Dallas, TX
  • Feb 14-15: Superior, WI
  • Feb 15-Mar 8: Chicago, IL
  • Mar 8-12: Madison, WI
  • Mar 13-30: Trenton, NJ
  • Apr 11-15: Davenport, IA
  • Apr 20-May 1: Sioux City, IA

Team 8

  • Jan 10-May 6: Hastings, MN

Team 9:

  • Jan 11-24: Owensboro, KY
  • Jan 24-30: Cincinnati, OH
  • Jan 30-Feb 14: Columbus, OH
  • Feb 14-24: Harrisburg, PA
  • Feb 24-26: Charlotte, NC
  • Mar 1-15: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Mar 15-18: Indianapolis, IN
  • Mar 18-Apr 9: Cincinnati, OH
  • Apr 9-26: Detroit, MI
  • Apr 26-May 1: Kalamazoo, MI
  • May 1-6: Marquette, MI

Team 10

  • Jan 10-May 6: Hastings, MN

Team 11

  • Jan 10-May 6: Plymouth, MN


Team 3: Dreams Are Coming True

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Click to view our slideshow of photos!

Greetings from Team 3!

For the past two weeks our team has traveled a lot in a short amount of time. We have gone to Weirton, WV; Clarksburg, WV; Princeton, WV; Ft. Loramie, OH; St. Ambrose College in Iowa; Easton, MN; Winona, MN; Albert Lea, MN; and we are currently in Caledonia, MN! With all this traveling we have stayed so many different host homes, met so many new and awesome people, have shared the Gospel with many young people and experienced great times in the van!

Our retreats have been very fruitful. Many have requested the retreat theme “Strength and Beauty”, which has men’s and women’s sessions for the retreatants.  The men hear a great talk where they learn about what it means about being a true man of God and how to be a warrior for Him. The women hear a talk on what it means to be an authentic woman of God and hear truth about how God sees them as beautiful, loved and worthy! This has been so rewarding for us, because we are able to not only speak truth to them but get to see God really changing their hearts and work deeply in their lives. We have also done a lot of “Reality Check” themed retreats which have made small group discussions very deep and effective, because it gives young people the chance to fully see the reality of what the world has to offer compared to what God has to offer. It really encourages teens to see how they need to be “real” with Jesus! The “Live in Me” drama which goes along with this theme is so powerful. We have been working really hard to really show God’s love to every person we come in contact with especially during retreat and one of the most amazing blessings that come out of that, is witnessing lives being changed, for instance

During our travels we stopped in Iowa, which is where our sister Mary Shechinger is from. We were able to see the college that Mary attended and loves so much, St. Ambrose University. There we met some of Mary’s closest friends and it was really great to finally put faces to the stories that Mary tells and it was also beautiful to see Mary so joyful as she reunited with them! We also got to stay at a local convent, The Sisters of the Presentation, and they were so precious. It was so beautiful because you could just tell how they were so in love with God and their vocation. They offered great conversation and much happiness; they were an inspiration to us all, especially by their love and holiness!

While we were still in Iowa we went on a little adventure. Our brother Matthew Blake’s favorite movie is The Field of Dreams, which was filmed in Iowa. While driving we pretended that we were taking a “shortcut” to our next destination – but really, we surprised him by going to the actual field of dreams, where the movie was filmed. It was fantastic to watch his face! He was so surprised and honored that we did that for him. We got to run the bases and play a little baseball there, which was very enjoyable. It was such a great day for our team. We all had such a great time!

Keep praying for us as we pray for you!

Our Lady of Guadalupe… PRAY FOR US!

-Team 3

Team 3: Living Out JOY

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Hello Team 3 followers!

We have been on the road for two weeks since our last blog entry and so many beautiful experiences have happened already! We have gone to the Dioceses of North Huntington, Parkersburg, Huntington, Morgantown, Wheeling, and Reading! We have been doing a lot of high school retreats at Catholic schools. It has been challenging but good, because it is such a blessing to be a witness to young people to help them bring their faith from in their heads to hearts by helping them better understand a real relationship with God. Our team is getting better and better at retreats because we are becoming more comfortable with what we are doing, skits are becoming even more funny,  dramas even more dramatic, and small groups have gotten even more beautiful because of our docility to the Holy Spirit. Praise God!

Throughout our travels we have had the honor of having some pretty amazing travel experiences and team days. Our first team day was in the city of Pittsburg where we walked around the city and went up the inclines which gave us such a beautiful view of the city. In West Virginia we visited West Virginia University to put on a small recruiting event and also got to attend a men’s soccer game, which was awesome because they ended up beating the number one ranked soccer team, University of Connecticut! We also had a fantastic team day at Franciscan University of Steubenville where we got to walk around campus, play Frisbee, have some awesome prayer time, drink pumpkin smoothies, and for some of us, we got to reunite with some old friends! One of the brothers, Kolbe, is from the city of Steubenville so we had the pleasure of meeting some of his super great and holy friends as well as have dinner with his loving family. It was so cool to be able to see places and meet people that are such an integral part of Kolbe’s life. It really helped us understand Kolbe’s story a bit more as well as know how to love him even deeper! Another adventure that our team had was taking a bit of a detour to Gettysburg to check out the battleground, which inspired us to put on some of our AME props and reenact the battle for fun. We filmed this epic battle, and even though it only lasted about 10 seconds we fought hard and strong! The south won and it ended with an address given by Abraham Lincoln himself (aka Matt Blake with a beard on).

We also had a visit from our supervisors Chris and Anna. They gave our team leaders a break and gave all of us the opportunity for some beautiful brotherhood and sisterhood investment time. It was almost like a mini retreat for our team because it was nice to be reminded to keep personal prayer as our main priority in life and in our ministry, but also to grow closer together as a team by praying for each other.

It seems we are truly living out JOY: Jesus first, Others second and Yourself always last; a beautiful battle and yet such an adventure! We are learning not to rely on ourselves alone, but to lean on each other and to fully rely on God. I think we all have experienced moments in our day when we think, “Where did that come from?” or, “How am I not totally exhausted right now?” and it just shows how faithful our Lord is and how powerful His grace is! But with the tiredness, stress and the constant taking up our crosses, it is in those moments where we have experienced so much deepening of faith, conversion and trust in the Lord. It also seems as though the Lord gives us hearts that are so inviting and offering to others because WE KNOW WE ARE LOVED – loved by not only each other but from God Himself whom we are rooted in. This seems to be the theme of our team prayer lately, and how we do it all for the glory and praise of God. We shall be praying for you as we hope you to be praying for us! Our Lady of Guadalupe… PRAY FOR US!

Team 3

Team 3: A Family in Christ

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Life on the road for NET Team 3 has been absolutely amazing! We are currently in the Diocese of Greensburg , Pennsylvania and it has been such a joy. This week we have been doing a lot of day and twilight retreats for middle school students, which has been so much fun because they are so open to what we have to say and have a beautiful child-like faith about them that just makes small groups and mingling time so fun! The numbers of those attending retreats have been ranging from 10-50 young people per retreat, including the high school weekend retreat we just did this past weekend. The weekend retreat was so great because we had to honor of breaking off into men’s and women’s sessions. It was really powerful for some of the retreatants to connect with the talks and really receive the truth about their worth.

We had the pleasure of doing a retreat at a middle school through the parish Mother of Sorrows, and we met three boys in 6th grade who absolutely loved it – they even ended up attending two more NET retreats later in the week. They were so thirsty for the Lord and it was so inspiring for us as a NET team to realize that what we are doing really is greater than us! One particular young man really touched all of our hearts when he told us, “You guys have taught me to believe in myself and to love God more! I was so excited to get to write a letter to Jesus, I never get to do that!I will never forget you guys, and you have changed my life forever!”

Host homes have also been super great, because it has awesome to travel to places that we have never been before and be such a part of their lives and experience the things that they experience every day from eating what they eat to sleeping where they sleep and learning different ways they speak. We can really see the reality of the different cultures of our country and yet, because the Catholic church is so united, we all have a deep connection with one another in our Lord. It has been really cool to see how being a witness to not only the retreatants but also everyone we meet throughout our day, especially your host families, are really affected by what we are doing as missionaries and are inspired by our faith. It’s beautiful to be messengers, to bring Christ’s presence to young people and even into people’s homes… and yet leave His presence there when we leave.

Now that we have been on the road for our first week of the year it has been such a blessing to see how our team is already growing so close together, but also to God! Our team already has a lot of personal jokes which bring so much joy to our hearts, from chocolate melting in someone’s pocket to epic stories about being punched in the chest to crazy cow stories! What I appreciate the most about our team is how even though we laugh and kid around sometimes, there is a deeper love for one another that is hard to explain but it is blessed and is purely Christ-centered. We genuinely love one another deeply because we all see each other as good and with dignity! And with that, we have a love that runs deeper than any ordinary friendship… we are truly becoming a family in Christ.

Team 3

Meet Team 3

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Team 3’s first semester schedule is as follows:

  • Oct 2-11: Greensburg, PA
  • Oct 11-Nov 1: Wheeling-Charleston, WV
  • Nov 2-23: Winona, MN
  • Nov 23-26: TBA
  • Nov 26-Dec 14: Grand Rapids, MI

If you live in any of these areas and are interested in scheduling a retreat, contact Jenelle at or 651.450.6833 x22.

Front Row: Jes Kallus (Halletsville, TX), Anney Brandt (Team Leader – Concord, OH)

Middle Row: Jessica Jordan (Hilmar, CA), Mary Schechinger (Harlan, IA), Chris Lincoln (Minnetonka, MN), David Sandler (Woodbridge, CA), Nichole Zachman (Albertville, MN), Claire Sorteberg (Woodbury, MN), Kolbe Spencer (Steubenville, OH)

Back Row: Matt Blake (Team Leader – Sugarland, TX), Zachary Obuch (Schertz, TX)