NET Ministries has been serving the Archdiocese of Los Angeles since 1987, putting on 460 retreats and ministering to over 38,000 teens in that time.  This year we will have a NET Team full-time in California from October-May. We are looking forward to this opportunity to increase our availability to parishes and schools across California, and support the work of evangelization here in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles!

Retreat Dates

2018-2019 - California, Arizona, Nevada Retreats

Los Angeles
Sept 22 – Oct 20, Nov 1 – 7, Nov 25 – Dec 15, Jan 9-22, Feb 1-13, Mar 1-14, Apr 1-30, May 7-11

San Bernardino
Oct 10-31, Mar 15-31, Apr 12-30

Santa Rosa
Nov 8-20, Mar 1-13

Dec 7-13, Jan 18-31, Mar 14-31

Nov 4, 9, 11, 20-26, Feb 7-28

Oct 21-31, Nov 8-24, Mar 28 – Apr 11

San Diego
Jan 23-31, Mar 20-27

Feb 1-9, May 1-9

Bay Area (Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose)
Nov 1-7, Mar 1-18

Phoenix, AZ
Sept 27 – Oct 9, Jan 11-15

Las Vegas, NV
Feb 14-28, 2019

Reno, NV
Dec 7-13,  Jan 18-31, Mar 14-31

Seattle, WA
Nov 27 – Dec 5, Apr 1 – May 8

Portland, OR
Feb 5-28

California Staff

Cord Dorcey

Cord Dorcey

California Regional Administrator

Email: Cord
Christina Serna

Christina Serna

Scheduling Administrator

Email Christina
AJ Casillas

AJ Casillas

Recruiting & Alumni Assistant

Email AJ 
Adrian Flores

Adrian Flores

Media and Communications

Email Adrian 

St. Joseph Campus | Sacred Heart Retreat House
507 N. Granada Ave.
Alhambra, California, 91801-2799

NET Ministries Office Located towards the back of the Campus.

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Saturday 6:00PM – 9:30PM

October 14 | December 9 | January 13 | April 14


Have you ever wondered, “Why am I here”? Or “What’s my purpose”? Perhaps you’ve experienced a restlessness which beckons you to ever greater things and higher heights. Let your restlessness draw you into that for which you were made: intimacy with the infinite God.

Speaker: Chika Anyanwu

Chika Anyanwu is an up and coming Catholic speaker from Ontario, California who loves sharing the Gospel through words and actions. She is a two-time alum of the National Evangelization Teams Ministries (NET Ministries) and is an Area Contact for Life Teen in the Diocese of San Bernardino, CA. She recently left serving as a parish youth minister to pursue her dream and the Lord’s commission to make disciples of all the nation and is doing so through sharing talks with youth and young adults.

Mass Celebrant: Fr. Jonathon Meyer

A Los Angeles native and cradle Catholic, Fr. Jonathon was medical school and family bound until he decided to confront the growing restlessness in his heart. Bringing that restlessness to Jesus Christ led him to the seminary where he fell in love with the Church and was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese in 2015. He has been a student of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body for 13 years and continues to be transformed by God’s self-revealing and unconditional love for him. He has a passion for families, priestly fraternity, good coffee, and craft beer.




Our world is marred by conflict: A wounded psyche; broken relationships; and warring nations. Are these signs simply the status quo or are they a wounded reality crying out in pain? Who will ransom creation from this slavery to corruption?

Speaker: David Calivita

David Calavitta is a passionate Catholic speaker in love with Christ and his Church. He’s also very much in love with his beautiful wife, Brittany, and their son, Judah. David has been blessed to serve the Church through youth ministry in various ways since the year 2000. In addition to his speaking ministry, he currently serves as the head of Design & Marketing for Life Teen International.

Mass Celebrant: Fr. Tim Grumbach

Fr. Tim Grumbach is a priest of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Ordained June 3, 2017, he is now serving as Associate Pastor at St. Augustine in Culver City. Having grown up in Santa Monica as a surfer and a mountain biker, he is blessed to begin his priestly ministry so close to home. Blessed to offer his assistance to the movements of LifeTeen and NET Ministries here in LA as a seminarian, his passion for youth and young adult ministries has been transformed as he now offers the Sacraments as a priest.




As it is in Heaven

Heaven can seem like some far off reality or even a fairy tale to motivate us to live good lives. But heaven is for real and it’s closer than we think. In fact, every Sunday God invites us to participate with heaven as with all the “angels and saints we too, sing the hymn of His Glory: holy, holy, holy”.

Speaker: Jackie Francois Angel

Jackie is a full-time traveling speaker, singer/songwriter, and worship leader from Orange County, CA. In 2006, she became an artist with OCP/ with whom she has released two albums. She has been involved in youth ministry since she graduated high school, and she now travels the globe speaking to young people about God’s love and leading worship for various events and ministries. In 2013, she married the love of her life, Bobby Angel, and they now have two adorable little girls. Check out iTunes or to get Jackie’s albums “Your Kingdom is Glorious” and “Divine Comedy.” In Sept 2017, Jackie and Bobby released their first book, “Forever: A Catholic Devotional For Your Marriage”.

Mass Celebrant: Fr. Bill Easterling

Born and raised in Whittier, CA., graduated from university with a dual major in Political Science and Public Administration, also a minor in English; entering the seminary after that he was ordained a priest on June 19, 1982 (35 years) for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Father Bill has served from inner-city parishes to the suburbs. A pastor for over 22 years, currently pastor for the past nine years at Sacred Heart, Covina. He is the Dean for Deanery 11 and a member and officer of the Archdiocese Council of Priests; also a member of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council, the Archdiocesan Finance Council, the San Gabriel Regional Pastoral Council, plus co-chairs the San Gabriel Regional “Discipleship 21” (evangelization) Committee. In addition to a strong commitment to youth, young adults and liturgy at his parish, Father Bill celebrates Mass and sacraments monthly at Los Angeles Central Juvenile Hall.


Join the Youth Petrus Spirit Team 

The Spirit Team exists to provide an opportunity for young faith leaders to be discipled towards Christian maturity. The Spirit Team is the backbone of the Petrus program and its young leaders are the secret to its success. As a member of the Spirit Team you will have a chance to interact with other youth leaders and NET team missionaries, grow in your faith, hear great talks, and prepare for the upcoming Petrus events.

In order to be eligible to join the Spirit Team you must: Be in 9-12 grade for your service year Be available to attend all Spirit Team Nights and Petrus events held at the Sacred Heart Retreat Center, St. Joseph Campus in Alhambra, CA

Spirit Team Nights: 6:30 – 8:30pm
October 10
December 4
January 9
April 9

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