Team 11: Beauty and Catholicism


Good day to all of you from Lakeville! We pray that everyone’s February was great and that the first couple of weeks in this season of Lent have been prayerful. This month has been full of ministry and sure has flown by.

Since the last blog post we have had so much going on. A couple days after Ash Wednesday Shelby turned 22. We celebrated her birthday by sharing a video we created for her with each member of our team affirming her. We are so grateful for the time that we have had with her this year and for all of the years that she has been living. The men also honored all of the women on the team for Valentine’s day. They had all of the women go on a short scavenger hunt around the church and then met them in the church next to the baptismal font. We sang the song “Holy is His Name,” which is a team favorite. The men gave all of the women yellow roses. It was beautiful.

Two weeks ago we had a supervisor visit. It was great to see our wonderful supervisors Cameron and Michelle again. On this visit we left Lakeville and went to a retreat center to reflect on our relationship with the Lord, team life, and ministry. It was a wonderful visit that helped us to refocus on what we are called to this year.

This past weekend we were filled with different events of ministry. On Friday night we had a NET event where we watched the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast.” There were about thirty middle school and high school students who attended. We chose to watch this movie and talk about all of the Catholic themes in it. There were so many themes that I never would have thought would be in the movie. Many students said that the next time they watched the movie with family members they would definitely have to share the beautiful Catholic themes.

That Saturday night we had this month’s Beloved night. The theme for this night was on emotional chastity. Matthew came and spoke to the women about this theme. It was really great to hear about the topic of emotional chastity from a man’s perspective. Many of the girls were grateful for this night, because they never knew about emotional chastity.

We closed off the weekend by helping with a discipleship training retreat for parents that was put on by the youth ministry program. This retreat was for students who are in Discipleship groups and their parents, so the parents know more about the program and how they can grow with their children in it. It was a wonderful retreat for the parents to ask questions and get to know the leaders of the groups their children are in.

This week we will continue with our weekly ministry, as well as the monthly Lifeline at the NET Center. Thank you so much for all of your prayers throughout this month. We ask that you would continue to keep us in prayer through this season of Lent, as we will for you. In particular, we ask that you would pray that we may be able to do as Jesus tells us in Luke 9:23 says, “And he said to all, ‘If any man would come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me.’”

God Bless.

In His Most Sacred Heart through Her Immaculate Heart,
-Team 11: Kayla, Missy, Bekah, Brittany Shelby, Matthew, Dan, Jay, Alex, and Zach

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