Team 5: Host Family Blessings

Our team has been doing a lot of middle school retreats recently. These have been a lot of fun as this age group brings a lot of energy to each retreat. Some groups can be harder to handle, but in the end the Lord definitely takes over and works with us and through us. This is always evident in the retreatants’ eyes as they are about to go home with their parents. Their eyes are alight and they are excited to tell their families what happened on retreat that day.

Host families have been great to us as usual. They are such a blessing to us as they go so out of their way to make sure that we are all happy and satisfied. Our team really learns a lot from these families and they are a true gift from the Lord. Each time that a family welcomes us into their home, they treat us like one of their own. This can really help with homesickness. We may be spending every night in a different bed but it never feels that way thanks to the love and support that we receive from our host families. They really go all out for us and we are so very thankful for that. The Lord always sends us exactly what we need to keep going, and the host families that we encounter are a huge part of that.

Our ministry is so important in our world today and we realize that more and more. We have been on the road together for five months and have been given the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. Sometimes it is also hard to believe that all of us only met six months ago. It honestly feels like we have known each other way longer. The love that we have for one another is so strong and very evident to the young people whom we minister to. This is a huge part of our ministry and really helps us. The youth that we encounter will not remember our names, what talk was given on retreat, or even the theme in years to come. We hope that they do remember that a group of young adults stood up and professed their love and faith towards God. If that is all that they remember about us then we have done our job.

NET has been such a blessing to each one of us. Not only are we able to reach out to youth from many different parts of the country, we have also made strong friendships through Christ. Each and every person on this team has a special gift to offer and that is more and more apparent each day. On retreat, each one of us has something to bring and a new way of getting through to the youth. The creativity within the team is amazing and it is so obvious that God is leading us to exactly where we need to be.

The youth that we have been able to meet have been amazing. Whether we meet them in small group, during our opening session, or simply saying goodbye as they leave, each youth is unique and really shows us the love that God has for everyone. We are very thankful for all that we have been given and really do love being a part of such a great ministry.

With Easter quickly approaching, please know that we are praying for you and your families. We are very thankful to all of our donors, host families, youth on retreat, and anyone who is reading our blog post. It is this type of love that we are hoping that every retreatant will receive from us. Please continue to pray for us as we continue on with our ministry.

Happy Lent and God Bless!
Team Five

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  1. Mary Ann Zabinski

    You give me hope for the Church in our secular world. Thank you for spreading your love and joy to young people. We desperately need you and your work.

    God bless,
    Mary Ann

  2. Sean

    Jim I miss you and I also missed Ike. It will be like half a week before I see you guys again and don’t check Ikes luggage before you put it in the van(I might hide in there SHHHHHHH!).

  3. Sean

    I miss your smell, Ike.

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