Team 6: Greetings from Washington

Greetings from Team Six in the damp and beautiful state of Washington! We were busy putting on tons of retreats in this state and so amazed by the generosity and kindness showed to us. To update you all on our numbers, we have reached a little over 90 retreats, with almost 5,000 young people having been on our retreats in these past 6 months we have spent doing retreats.

While in Washington, we found ourselves doing a lot of the retreat theme “Why Catholic?” which explains to young people many fundamentals about our Catholic faith and really gets teens on fire and excited about being Catholic. Most of the retreats were also for middle school students, but the Lord really seemed to be working and changing the hearts of so many teens in this diocese.

Our team got to visit the Seattle Public Market, seeing fish being thrown. A few of us also got to go to the Space Needle and ride the Monorail. Starbucks has been something we see more frequently than gas stations in this state and we even got to go to to first Starbucks location near the public market! While at an inspiring parish in Bremerton (Our Lady, Star Of The Sea), Madi got a visit from her mother and sister, Josie, who got to hang out with us during one of our drama practices! The sisters of Team Six also got to experience a time of pampering before an overnight retreat with facials, hairstyling (and cutting), and nail painting for a Woman’s Session one day. Check out the pictures to see the fun!

While in the Archdiocese of Seattle, we also got to go on a personal retreat for our team near the end of the Lenten Season. The retreat was led by two NET alumni and really helped our team to refocus and grow even more in our relationships with Christ. Following this, we elebrated Easter with Cathy’s family in Washington and Oregon. From Vigil Masses, to amazing food, to intense Easter egg hunts, our team had so much fun getting to better know Cathy’s family and getting to experience Easter in a family.

Though we have been staying busy, God has been working so much and we feel so blessed to get to be a part of this ministry!

Team Member Focus: Cathy Perkins

Cathy, age 20, comes from Centralia, Washington. Her family has moved around a bit, as they have also resided in Oregon and Pennsylvania. She has an older sister and a younger brother who grew up in a “loving and entertaining” family. Cathy has attended a few years of college for general education and plans on going back to finish her degree after her time with NET. It was her youth minister back home who encouraged Cathy to consider joining NET. While she enjoys swing dancing and painting, she claims that one of her greatest talents is being able to touch her tongue to her nose. Cathy has blessed her team greatly with her gifts from the Lord. Her roles on the team include Recruiting and Greeting. In her role of recruiting, she is responsible for helping to share information and help high school students or college students find out more about NET and encourage them to pray about it. So far, many teens we have met on retreat have applied, been interviewed and a few even accepted to serve with NET Ministries next year from August 2012 to May 2013! Her other team role is greeter where she is in charge of being that first friendly face which teens see on retreat. This role also includes splitting up the retreatants into small groups to better process and talk more about their faith and what they are learning in a smaller setting. Please pray for Cathy, as she gets ready to head back home, that God may reveal and open up her heart to His will for the rest of her life.

Prayer Intentions:

  • For all those who are serving with NET this year, that God may fill them with his grace and peace as this year nears its closing.
  • For all those discerning their vocation, whether to religious life, single life or matrimony, that God may make his will clear for them and bring them peace.
  • For all the teens we have encountered who have been struggling with peer pressure, bullying, body image, hardships at home, divorce or health issues and anything else that they may be burdened with, that they may feel God ever at their side and know His love and mercy.

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Team 6

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