Team 6: The Sunny State of California

Written in March

Hello from Team Six,
We have been quite busy in the sunny state of California! It has been such a blessing to get to visit this diocese and meet so many young people. The three weeks we spent in the dioceses of Santa Rosa and Sacramento were truly a blast.

Since we have been here, we have gotten to put on a lot of school day retreats for middle school aged youth with a diverse amount of themes. Our team even got to hang out at a Catholic high school for a day and talk to teens about NET and their faith. One overnight retreat was paired with the theme of The Hunger Games book series and their youth minister led mini activities and talks in addition to the NET retreat. It was really cool to pair it up with something their youth group was really into as well.

While in California, our team got to help put on a diocesan youth rally where Matt Reiswig and Steve Villa (two NET staff members) flew over to help lead it. It was really cool because many of the teens that attended had been on a retreat with us in the weeks prior. One of the young women who was on a retreat a few days before the rally really inspired one of us. During the prayer time, she asked for prayers to be more pure with her boyfriend. It was so amazing to see how God helped her to see the importance of purity in her life and gave her the courage to seek out prayer. She ended up also coming to the rally where we got to reconnect with her and she shared how her heart had changed in desiring to grow and be pure! This really inspired us to see a high school student have the guts to share this and humbly acknowledge how she needed God and wanted to change.

A huge blessing that we also got to experience in the Diocese of Sacramento was that our whole team was able to stay together for two weeks! We stayed in a incredibly great discernment house; it was such a neat experience to live in community in a home together and cook! With so much cultural diversity on our team, we had a wide range of foods to experience. During our stay, our supervisors Ashley and Ryan also got to visit us again. It was so great to be able to have them stay with us. While they were with us we also got to put on a retreat at the Travis Air Force Base. This was a new experience for most of us to be on a base, but definitely filled with a lot of amazing teens and Catholics on fire for their faith. Before our supervisors left, Karina went to work on Ryan’s hair and gave him some awesome looking cornrows!

California has truly been great to us, from our team day in the Northern Redwood Forest, to the day we spent hanging out in San Francisco, to the amazing retreats, to meeting so many great people. California will be on our hearts until we meet again (in a month or so)!

Team Member Focus: Lauren Myers

Lauren, 19, is from St. Michael, Minnesota. She is the oldest of four children. At the age of 14, even though she wasn’t sure if God existed, she attended a Catholic summer camp in Minnesota. During the camp, Lauren saw an image of Christ coming down from the Eucharist and could no longer doubt in His existence and love. Upon returning home she began getting very involved in youth group, who at the time had NET Parish Team. They inspired her and helped her to find accountability and fellowship and keep going to church. After NET, Lauren hopes to become a nurse, specifically, in the field of Obstetrics. Lauren’s roles on the team include Supplies and Development Assistant. Being in charge of supplies means to keep track of, clean and organize all props, papers, retreat boxes and make sure we have enough of everything that we need. Development Assistant has her showing others about how awesome NET is by making sure letters are sent to sponsors, taking lots of photographs and writing blogs (I write these Team 6 blogs and put up the photos). Please pray that Lauren may continue to grow in trusting in Christ and grow in her personal relationship with Him.

Prayer Intentions:

  • For Lauren’s family, that they may grow even closer to God and for their health, both physically and spiritually.
  • For the continued growth in virtue and holiness for our teams, and all the NET teams serving this year.
  • For Caitlin and Nick, who have just signed contracts to serve a second year with NET, that God may bless their openness to His spirit and continue to pour out His blessings as they prepare their hearts to return.
  • For all of our financial partners, supporters and prayer warriors, that God may bless them tenfold and protect their family and friends.

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Team 6

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